Rockin’ Weekend: Kidz Bop Live + Darien Lake Hotel

To say my kids were excited to see Kidz Bop Live and spend the weekend at the Darien Lake Hotel, the Lodge on the Lake, would be an understatement. They were so excited and I have to admit, we were too! Even though it is a short drive from our home to the park, we knew we wanted to make a weekend getaway to enjoy Kidz Bop Live and some time spent at the Darien Lake Hotel.

When I learned I was going to be a Kidz Bop Ambassador and partner with Kidz Bop I was really excited. Kidz Bop not only provides fun music and entertainment for the entire family, they are great examples of following your dreams for my kids. In a previous post I shared all the reasons I love Kidz Bop for families.

Part of being a Kidz Bop Ambassador is attending a Kidz Bop Live concert as a V.I.P. guest. We were really excited about this because the concert was going to be at Darien Lake. Darien Lake is a local amusement park that we visit during the summer months and we really wanted to spend a weekend at the Darien Lake Hotel.

kidz bop live concert at darien lake

The Kidz Bop concert was a great opportunity to enjoy the kids first real concert and a weekend at the Lodge on the Lake at Darien Lake. The hotel is walking distance from the park and gave us a great opportunity to enjoy new rides, attractions, and shows.

Day 1: Arrive at the Darien Lake Hotel (Lodge on the Lake)

We arrived at Darien Lake around dinner time, so we checked in then ordered a pizza at Woody’s Cafe. The Darien Lake Hotel, Lodge on the Lake, is a rustic themed hotel with animal character surprises around the resort. It is a cute theme and the kids like it. The rooms are standard hotel rooms but they are clean and had enough room for the five of us for the weekend.

lodge on the lake darien lake hotel

Woody’s Cafe is a carry-out cafe that has breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. There is a seating area in the lobby as well as outside around the pool. We played outside while we waited for the pizza and took it back to our room for dinner and to get ready to head over to the park for the night.

Darien Lake Amusement Park

We visit Darien Lake often as season pass holders, but it is always nice to stay on property to walk to the park and not have to drive home after a long day. It also gives us a chance to enjoy the things we don’t typically do.

After a short walk to the park we headed over to see the magic show starring Aaron Radatz. My son loves magic and it was really entertaining. During the show the kids in the audience were invited on stage to help with a trick. The kids loved it and we had a fun time.

magic show darien lake

As soon as the show was over we knew we wanted to do all the rides that were on the top of our list. The crowds were really low and we took full advantage of it. My daughter and I rode the Superman for the first time together and, except for my youngest, we all rode the newest roller coaster, Tantrum. I was proud of the kids, and my husband, for being brave and trying these thrill rides.

darien lake amusement park

After all the rides we stayed late at the park to view the Laser Light show. If you have ever visited Darien Lake you know that the Laser Light Show is a can’t miss experience. I remember seeing it when I was young so it definitely has some nostalgia, but it is done really well. It’s a laser show set to music and fireworks, and it is a great way to end your day at the park. We were so happy to have a short walk to our hotel at the end of the night.

Day 2: Kidz Bop Live!!!!

We woke up to a rainy day but we didn’t let it stop us. It was a light rain and I was hoping that would keep the crowds low for the day because we were headed to the waterpark. We first headed to the Beaver Brothers Lakeside Cafe for breakfast. It is about a 15 minute walk from the hotel.

Often the breakfast buffet is included in your hotel stay, if it is not I would suggest bringing your own breakfast. The food is fine but it is not really worth it if you bring your own cereal or breakfast items. Plus you can purchase muffins and coffee in the lobby at the hotel.  It does have a cute theme with beaver characters hanging out around the restaurant.

After breakfast we spent time at the waterpark. We had an awesome time with short wait times for all the rides. It was the first time we all could ride a lot of the slides so it made for a really family fun morning. When we were done with the waterpark we went back to the room to get ready for the Kidz Bop concert!!!

Kidz Bop Concert V.I.P Experience

The Kidz Bop VIP Experience included a private acapella performance, Q & A, and a pre-show party. It also included an after the show surprise to meet the Kidz Bop kids. I had kept this a secret from the kids and told them on the way to the show. It was fun to see their surprise when they learned they were going to meet them!

kidz bop ready

We headed over to the pre-show area where we got to see an acapella performance as well as listen to a Q & A. All the Q & A were written out before and the kids were disappointed their questions weren’t picked but they quickly moved on. These kids are really talented and it was fun to see their personalities.

kidz bop live preshow

When this was done we were directed to the pre-show party tent. Inside there was snacks, a dance floor, an interactive photo booth, and a slime station. Slime is big in our house and the kids loved making the slime. We also received a V.I.P badge, sunglasses, and a few fun Kidz Bop themed things to make our experience special.

preshow at kidz bop concert

It was almost time for the show to start so we headed over to find our seats. Once in our seats we were ready for the show to start. It was such a fun show! There is a lot of audience interaction and of course all the Kidz Bop songs are catchy and fun to sing and dance along to.

kidz bop live finale

After the show we were sent over to a special line to meet the Kidz Bop kids! They were so sweet and gracious and kind, and my kids were so happy to have this special moment. You only get a few minutes with the meet and greet so we didn’t have much time to talk. You also can’t use your camera. They have someone to take pictures for you and you can access them online after the show.

kidz bop family meet and greet

Day 3: Pool Time at the Lodge on the Lake

A perk of staying at the Darien Lake hotel is early ride times. Every morning they announce 3 rides that will be open early to guests at the hotel. We took advantage of this and rode a few rides before heading back to the hotel for some pool time and to check-out.

pool at darien lake lodge on the lake

My kids love to swim and we wanted to make some time to enjoy the pool. After we checked out we spent the morning in the pool. It wasn’t crowded at all. The kids swam while my husband and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and relaxed.

When pool time was done we packed up our things and made the short drive home. It was so refreshing to spend a weekend away but close to home. We got to enjoy Kidz Bop Live and have an awesome family weekend.

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