The Easy Way I’m Saving More Money for Family Vacations

If you are anything like me you have a long list of summer travel plans. There is always a theme park to visit or a national park to discover. The challenge is finding a way to stay within your family budget and still get to experience family travel adventures. I am so excited to share the easy way I’m saving more money for family vacations this year!

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Save More Money for Family Vacations

Saving More Money for Family Vacations

Where do you dream of traveling this summer? What are your dream plans? I always dream big and then work on figuring out how to make it happen. When thinking about planning family travel a lot of people stop when they get to the budget part. Creating a budget is a big part of why we can travel. I look for ways to save during the planning process.

We are always on a budget for our travels. I do a lot of research and planning to ensure we stay within budget. Often we do day trips and pack food or do big trips and have pizza in the hotel room.

What if I told you there was a way to save for your next vacation and save on your next vacation? Sound too good to be true? It’s not and its a super easy app called Dosh. When Dosh reached out to me to try the app I was skeptical.  I really thought it sounded to good to be true. After many questions and playing with the app I discovered it is a great way to help my family make the vacation dreams a reality.

Saving More Money on Family Vacations

What is Dosh App?

Dosh is an app for your iPhone or Android device. It is free to download and takes less then 5 minutes to set up. Basically it connects your credit card to businesses you are already using. It gives you a percentage back without having to download coupons. It is cash back without the hassle. Dosh automatically adds cash back to your Dosh account.

Saving More Money on Family Vacations

Saving More Money on Family Vacations

Saving More Money on Family Vacations

How does the Dosh App Work?

  • Download the app and set-up a password.
  • Link your credit card.
  • Use this credit card to make purchases. Automatically get cash in your Dosh account. I searched local restaurants and found over 30 within 5 miles of my house.
  • Earn money for going to places you already visit. When I looked it was 5%-8% typically.
  • Cash in your Dosh when you reach $15.00 or more. Deposits to your bank account or PayPal account.
  • Magic!! No phones to get out at check-out. No coupons or promo codes. Once your account is linked you are ready to save.

Is the Dosh App Safe?

I am always nervous adding my credit card information to apps or online. When I did a little more research I found that Dosh takes your safety and security very seriously.

Although we do provide a way for you to link your card and banking info to your Dosh account, we never store any of your information on our servers and all purchases you make using Dosh are encrypted–that’s a fancy way of saying concealed.

We love having fun at Dosh, but not with your money! Your Dosh app is VERY secure. We never store your username, password, credit card data, or bank account information in your app or on our servers. In addition to that, all purchase transactions you make using Dosh are encrypted. This means your usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and any personal data won’t be stored in your phone, so you don’t have to worry about it if you lose your device. As an added precaution, we strongly suggest validating your email so there is an additional way for us to contact you about your Dosh activity.

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Trying Out the Dosh App

Now on to the fun part. We are planning a vacation back to Orlando this summer and I wanted to see how Dosh can help me save.

Orlando Vacation: July 11th-13th

Disney Resorts:

I put in my dates, number of people, as well as a star rating. You can pick 1-5 star hotels. I went with three stars for this search. First of all I was very excited because Disney Resorts popped up in my search. I love that this app can help me save on a vacation without me having to change how I vacation. It is that easy.

I decided on Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside because this resort is somewhere we would actually stay. The price is within our budget and it nicely fits 5 people.

Dosh offered the best price even when I compared it to other travel sites and the Walt Disney World resort page. They even have a compare button on the app before you book to check it out for yourself.  If you are thinking about visiting Disney and are on a budget try to book during off-peak times. Summer is a busy time of year and the prices reflect that.

Saving More Money on Family Vacations



Saving More Money on Family Vacations



Saving More Money on Family Vacations

With the Dosh app I get a great deal on my hotel rate and get $36.79 put into my Dosh wallet. To me this is a win-win. If you want to take advantage of this you need to book through the app.


On the top menu next to Hotels is activities. Enter your dates and scroll through the offers. I was surprised to see Universal Orlando tickets, LEGOLAND Resort, and Medieval Times to name a few. You can also put in your location and find restaurants close by. You will start saving on activities you are already doing!

Saving More Money on Family Vacations



Saving More Money on Family Vacations


Why You Should Try Dosh App for Your Next Family Vacation

Have you started planning your next family vacation yet? I am super excited about Dosh and how it can change the way we budget for vacation. It is going to help us make those dream vacations happen.

Reasons I am Loving Dosh

  • Dosh puts money back in your pocket on day to day purchases. Things you are already buying!!
  • Dosh saves you money on larger expenses like vacations.
  • Dosh saves you money during your vacation.
  • It is easy!!! All I had to do was link my credit card and I am saving money everyday on purchases I am already making. I don’t have to remember anything!! Just use set up my account and save! It is magic!

How Can you Get Started?

  • Use my link and Download Dosh now.
  • Set-Up your account.
  • Happy Saving!!!

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