Islands of Adventure Character Meet and Greets at

Universal Orlando

Wondering what characters are must see's at Islands of Adventure inside of Universal Orlando? I have put together a list of all of the characters you'll be able to find while visiting Islands of Adventure as well as listed the best 10 character meet and greets.

Islands of Adventure Characters and Location


Po from KungFu Panda: Located as you enter Port of Entry, the entrance of Islands of Adventure. We met him to our left towards the Hulk Roller Coaster. – Marvel Characters: Meet Spider-Man. Spider-Man has his own meet and greet times and we have seen him walking around the gift shop at the exit of the Spider-Man attraction. Meet Marvel Super-Heroes: Captain America, Wolverine, Cyclopes, Rogue, and Storm. Meet Marvel Villains: Doctor Doom and Green Goblin. All locations are within Marvel Super Hero Island.

Lost Continent Area: Meet She-Ra. Located near Mythos Restaurant. – Classic Comic Book Characters: Popeye the Sailor Man, Olive Oyl, and Betty Boop Located in the Toon Lagoon area. – Raptor Encounter: Meet an interactive dinosaur at the Raptor Encounter experience. Located in Jurassic Park area. Raptor Encounter typically has a long wait time and this may be a bit scary for young children.

Harry Potter Characters: The Frog Choir offers daily shows and usually you can meet and take pictures after. The train conductor also has photo opportunities near the Hogwarts Express. Both meet and greets are located in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Hogsmeade. – Dr. Seuss Character Zone: Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Sam I Am, the Grinch, and the Lorax. Located throughout Seuss Landing the characters have scheduled daily appearances. Typically the characters are all scheduled the same time but we have always had enough time to meet them all.

10 Best Character Meet and Greets at Islands of Adventure


10. Cyclops

You can find Cyclops in Marvel Super Hero Island area of the park. He doesn’t have a specific location but will be listed on the times guide for the Super Hero meet and greet. When we met him he was located outside the arcade.

9. Frog Choir

The Frog Choir has shows during the day at Islands of Adventure. If you stick around after the show you can meet them and have your picture taken. There are no official wait times for the Frog Choir but you can find them on the stage located in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Hogsmeade area.

8. Popeye & Olive Oyl

It is easy and often a surprise to meet characters in the Toon Lagoon area of Islands of Adventure. You can look on the Universal app for times but we were walking through the store and had a quick meet and greet with Popeye. They are fun and engaging, even if your kids aren’t familiar with the characters.

7. Captain America

Captain America is probably one of the most popular meet and greets at Islands of Adventure but you will still find short wait times of 20 minutes or less. We have never waited longer than 15 minutes for any characters at Universal.

6. Lorax

I really enjoy meeting the Dr. Seuss characters at Islands of Adventure because they are colorful and playful. Usually you can meet the Lorax with Sam I Am. It makes for a fun meet and greet with the family.

5. Spider-Man

We have been lucky to see Spider-Man for a quick meet and greet at the exit of the Spider-Man attraction. You can also meet him across the street at his own location. The times will be listed on the app or in the guide you pick up when entering the park.

4. Po Kung Fu Panda

The Kung Fu Panda movies are great for family movie nights, and it is fun for families to see Po at Islands of Adventure. He is usually found to the left of the Port of Entry, near the entrance to Marvel Super Hero Island.

3. Villains

One of my favorite character moments at Universal’s Islands of Adventure was meeting Doctor Doom at Marvel Super Hero Island. He was creepy and perfectly in character. You can also meet the Green Goblin. The meeting times are on the app or in the park guide.

2. Grinch

Seuss Landing is one of my favorite areas to explore at Islands of Adventure. Check out this article where I share the best things to see and do at Seuss Landing. One of the best things is meeting characters! The Grinch is a familiar character to most for the holiday classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. During the Holidays at Universal they transform Seuss Landing to celebrate Grinchmas, but you can meet him year round at Seuss Landing. Locations and times vary and can be found on the app and in the park guide.

1. Cat in the Hat & Thing 1 + Thing 2

Meeting the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & Things 2 is so much fun because it is 3 meet and greets in one. Guests can say hellp and interact with these fun and mischievous characters. They offer different times through the day and can also be found as part of the “Oh the Stories You’ll Hear” show located in Seuss Landing.