Yummy Restaurants in Universal Orlando

worth trying!


There are so many options and places to eat at Universal Orlando. Between the two parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, and Universal’s CityWalk the options are really endless. With so many different choices it can be overwhelming to decide what is the best place to eat at Universal for your family. All of the restaurants on this list we have tried as a family. I also included a few places we haven’t tried, but are on our list to try on our next visit.

Yummy Restaurants in Universal Orlando


1. Comic Strip Cafe (Islands of Adventure)

Comic Strip Cafe is counter service restaurant at Universal that offers a bit more variety. They offer burgers & hot dogs, pizza & pasta, Chinese food, and fish and chicken. It is probably the most varied dining location in the parks and should provide options for everyone in your group. Five for the Road Dad Recommends: Dragon Platter

3. Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendus (Islands of Adventure)

What I really love about this Islands of Adventure food place is the fun theme. You are eating under the big top with colorful Seuss characters all around. Circus McGurkus has a variety of options that include spaghetti, burgers, and pizza. You can also order a full size pizza for your family. Recently the menu has changed and spaghetti has been taken off the menu. Always check the app before you arrive. Five for the Road Dad Recommends: Fried Chicken

4. Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck (Universal Studios)

This may be more for me but Bumblebee Man’s Korean Beef Tacos are one of my favorites when we visit Universal Studios. I get them almost every visit. It is a simple food truck with 3 different taco options, all under $10.00. There isn’t a kids menu but a great option if you have kids that enjoy tacos. Five for the Road Mom Recommends: Korean Beef Tacos

5. Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen (Universal’s CityWalk)

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium is more about the ambiance and setting although they do have some of our favorite food options at Universal. I loved the warm chocolate bread and the milkshakes are delicious. This is a sit down restaurant at Universal CityWalk and is interactive with two characters that walk around the restaurant. Five for the Road Dad Recommends: Chocolate Almond Bread & the Reuben

6. The Leaky Cauldron (Universal Studios)

The Leaky Cauldron keeps with the Harry Potter theme and serves traditional British foods. They do offer Mac & Cheese for the kids and there Fish & Chips are outstanding, for kids and adults. We have also ordered the Bangers and Mash plain. This is basically a hot dog with potato wedges. If you have young children that can split the dish, you will save a bit of money. Unfortunately, there is not a kids priced option available. Five for the Road Dad Recommends: Beef Stew

7. Three Broomsticks (Islands of Adventure)

Three Broomsticks is similar to Leaky Cauldron but it has a few different menu options. I suggest trying both, especially if you have a Harry Potter fan in your family. At Three Broomsticks you can order the great platter that serves four and includes a garden salad, rotisserie smoked chicken & spareribs, corn on the cob, and roast potatoes. They also offer Chicken Fingers, Chicken Legs, Mac & Cheese, and Fish & Chips on the kids menu. Five for the Road Dad Recommends: Fish & Chips

8. Pat O’Brien’s (Universal’s CityWalk)

Pat O’Brien’s has a Mardi Gras theme and in the evenings caters to an adult crowd, but if you visit around dinner time it is a great choice for families. The Kid’s menu offers Mac & Cheese, Chicken Fingers, Shrimp, Burgers, and Grilled Chicken making this a great option to satisfy everyone in your family. Five for the Road Dad Recommends: Creole Chicken w/ Red Beans and Rice

9. Fast Food Boulevard (Universal Studios)

Fast Food Boulevard is located in the Springfield USA(Simpsons) area of Universal Studios. It is a food court area that consists of multiple places that offer pizza, chicken, and healthy food options. – Krusty Burger (My kids like the foot long hot dog.) – Cletus’ Chicken Shack (The Chicken and Waffle sandwich is a favorite.) – Luigi’s Pizza – The Frying Dutchman – Lisa’s Teahouse of Horror (Healthier Options) – Moe’s Tavern (If you are a Simpsons fan or a beer fan, you can order a Duff Beer) Five for the Road Dad Recommends: Clam Chowdarr

10. Hot Dog Hall of Fame (CityWalk)

Hot Dog Hall of Fame is a no frills hot dog fast food restaurant in City Walk. There offer foot long and even 2 foot long hot dogs. There are a variety of options and toppings as well. Keep in mind all seating is outdoors and can be really hot during the summer months. Five for the Road Dad Recommends: Kansas City Combo

11. Antojitos | Authentic Mexican Food (Universal’s CityWalk)

This was probably my favorite sit down restaurant at Universal Orlando. We love Mexican food and I thought the quality was great! Chips and Salsa are included with your meal and the fresh salsa was delicious. Kids options are quesadillas, grilled chicken, or tacos. Five for the Road Dad Recommends: Trio

12. Bob Marley’s A Tribute to Freedom (CityWalk)

Bob Marley’s has been on my husbands list for years but we were always worried the food would be too spicy for the kids. On our last visit, for his birthday, we made a reservation to try Bob Marley’s. (Reservations can be made through the Universal website.) The food was spicy but there were options for people who do not like too much spicy. I got the Jerk Chicken and asked to go light on the spice. It was very good! The kids got chicken tenders and they were not spicy at all. Overall we all really liked it. Five for the Road Dad Pick: Catch a Fire Chicken Char-Grilled

13. Green Eggs and Ham (Islands of Adventure)

Green Eggs and Ham is a quick service restaurant located at Islands of Adventure. It is in the Seuss Landing section of the park. This is one of my favorite places to eat at Universal but there are a couple cons. First it is open seasonally. Meaning you never really know when it will be open. You should check the app the day of your visit to see if it will be open. Second there is only outdoor seating. This can be an issue during the hot summer months. Five for the Road Pick: Green Eggs & Ham Tots

14. The Cowfish (CityWalk)

The Cowfish is a Sushi Burger Bar. We never tried it previously because we don’t eat sushi but we had heard great things and on our recent visit gave it a try. It may have been a staffing issue but our service was very slow and we had a virtual ride time for Hagrids. This made the entire experience a little stressed. The food was okay but the thing we really loved was the presentation of the kids meals.

15. NBC Sports Grill & Brew (CityWalk)

NBC Sports Grill makes the list because there is something for everyone. The menu is extensive and you can find options for everyone in your traveling party. I ordered the fish tacos and they were great. NBC Sports is a bit on the pricier side so keep that in mind when budgeting your Universal vacation.

16. Central Park Crepes (Universal Studios)

Central Park Crepes is a really good quick service restaurant that offers sweet and savory options. On our visit we ordered the lemon-blueberry pound cake and the brisket crepe. We shared this as a snack. The big issue with this location is not knowing when it is open. On our visit it opened at 11:00am. Check the app. When I checked the app today for this article is wasn’t even showing up on the app, so I will have to check on our visit this month. Hopefully it is still open because it is very good!!