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Best Things to Do in Hershey, PA

There are so many things  to do in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Start with a stay at one of the three Hersheypark Resorts.

Are you planning a visit to  Hershey, PA?

Plan a full day  to visit Hersheypark and ZooAmerica!

Visit Hershey during the holidays for special events. 

Over 25 Things to Do in Hershey, PA on the blog. 

Use the Right Flour


Get good bread flour. It’s ground specifically for making bread! 

Temperature and Yeast


Make sure your liquid is between 95 degrees F and 115 degrees F when adding to yeast.

To knead or not to knead


Quick breads usually don’t require kneading (think cake mix) while yeast bread require some kneading.

Prescribed Rising Times


Follow the prescribed rising time. Use a timer. Too long - you might a sour-tasting loaf or a dry bread with abundance of holes!

Bread bun

Beginner Bread Recipe

Sour French Baguette

White Homemade Bread

Emma Ray Keys