Best Things to do in Islands of Aventure

for Kids

Headed to Universal with your kids? Here are the best things to do for kids at Islands of Adventure!

Best Things to do in Islands of Adventure for Kids

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There are photographers at Islands of Adventure that will take your photo. Then you can purchase the photo or ask someone to take one for you.

1. Take Your Picture Under “the Adventure Begins” at Islands of Adventure

In Seuss Landing you can stop by for Oh! The Stories You’ll Hear! to see characters helping in a musical retelling of Dr. Seuss stories.

2. Listen to a Favorite Dr. Seuss Story Read by the Dr. Seuss Characters

This is a small path next to the Carousel at Seuss Landing that is a fun little secret at the park. You can walk through the path along the trees. This area is bright and fun.

3. Walk through a Forest of Truffula Trees at Seuss Landing

This is a fun area in Seuss Landing that kids will love. It is colorful and fun to explore with a few water elements. We always make a point to stop and explore If I Ran the Zoo.

4. Explore If I Ran the Zoo Play Area at Seuss Landing

Guests visiting Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure can send postcards to family and friends at home. At the Owl Post they have stamps and postcards available for purchase.

5. Send a Postcard from Owl Post at Hogsmeade

Tucked away in the Lost Continent is the Mystic Fountain. The Mystic Fountain is an interactive fountain that will talk and splash guests that get too close.

6. Mystic Fountain at the Lost Continent

If you visit be sure to stay close with your kids. It is very easy to get lost in the maze of tunnels. Luckily there is only one exit to this area.

7. Explore Camp Jurassic

The Hogwarts Express can be taken to and from both parks. The best part is you will have a totally different experience going from Hogsmeade back to Diagon Alley.

8. Ride Hogwarts Express from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley

Tell the ride attendant at the entrance that you would like to go through the line but not ride and they can assist you.

9. Walk through Hogwarts Castle in the Forbidden Journey Line

This area allows guests a place to cool off and a few interactive dinosaur exhibits to play with. If you are lucky you can catch a dinosaur being hatched and be chosen to name it.

10. Watch a Dinosaur Hatch at Jurassic Park Discovery Center

We always enjoy meeting the heroes and villains at Superhero Island and you can usually find them a few times a day walking around the area.

11. Meet Super Heroes and Villains at Marvel Superhero Island

My kids have never wanted to go meet the Raptor but it looks like a fun experience. You will meet “a real live” dinosaur and interact with it at this unique meet and greet.

12. Experience the Raptor Encounter

This is the most popular attraction at Universal right now, and for good reason. The story and ride is so much fun! If you want to ride arrive before park opening to be one of the first on.

13. Ride Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure to Check out All the Details and the Preshow

She-Ra is the latest meet and greet at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and she can be found in the Lost Continent area of the park.

14. Meet She-Ra

The women’s bathroom at Hogsmeade is haunted by the ghost of Moaning Myrtle. When you visit you can hear her moaning and making crying noises.

15. Listen for Moaning Myrtle in the Women’s Bathroom at Hogsmeade

To see a birds eye view of Seuss Landing take a ride on the High in the Sky Trolley. When riding look for the Sneetches on the beaches and in the lagoon.

16. Ride the High in the Sky Trolley in Seuss Landing

Every evening at Islands of Adventure you can see Hogwarts Castle come to life in a projection show. During the show crowd traffic can get busy so keep that in mind for your visit.

17. Projection Show on Hogwarts Castle

This little photo-op is outside the Cat in the Hat gift shop in Seuss Landing. You can sit on the eggs that Horton protected in Horton Hatches an Egg story.

18. Take Your Picture in Horton’s Nest

Toon Lagoon is where the Saturday morning comics come to life. It is a bit nostalgic and has some fun places to take pictures and explore. The speech bubbles are my favorite.

19. Photo-Op Speech Bubbles at Toon Lagoon

Me Ship, The Olive is a boat themed play area for kids. It also offers great views of the park and lagoon. There are a few exits to this play area so be sure to keep the kids close.

20. Explore the Me Ship, The Olive

Honeydukes is a treat shop located in Hogsmeade at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It has wizard themed treats from the books and movies.

21. Visit Honeydukes for a Treat