What is a Disney VIP Tour and Are They

Worth it?


Are Disney VIP tours worth the spurge for your Disney vacation? How much does a Disney VIP Tour cost? We are answering all the questions on what to expect on a Disney VIP tour to help you decide.

The Disney VIP Tours are customized guided tours guests can reserve during the Disney World vacation. They offer exclusive access to attractions, dining, and shows.

What is a Disney VIP Tour?

Types of VIP Tours

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This is a private tour and the most exclusive tour offered at the parks. You and up to 10 guests have a private tour guide for your day. Private VIP tours have a minimum of 7 hours and are completely customizable.

Private VIP Tour

The prices vary by season but range from $425-$750 an hour.


The Ultimate Day of Thrills is a 7 hour action packed day that starts at the Magic Kingdom. You will experience Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train followed by a quick-service meal included in your VIP tour cost.

Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP Tour

This tour starts at about $349 a person and park hopper is required for admission.


The Ultimate Disney Classic VIP Tour has guests enjoy 10 of the classic Magic Kingdom attractions.

Ultimate Disney Classic VIP Tour

The tour is $249 a person and guests must have a valid theme park admission.


The Ultimate Nights of Adventure tour is a 4-hour group tour at Animal Kingdom. Included in your tour guests will experience Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safari, Avatar Flight of Passage, Na’vi River Journey, Dinosaur, and Rivers of Light night show.

Ultimate Nights of Adventure

This tour is $249 a person and guest must have a valid theme park ticket.


On this 3 hour tour you will go behind the scenes at the Magic Kingdom to experience the food and menu items at the Disney parks. Guests will visit backstage kitchens and sample delicious menu items as well.

Taste of Magic Kingdom Park VIP Tour

This is not an easy question to answer because it depends on your Disney vacation budget and expectations for your visit.

Are Disney VIP Tours Worth It?

With that being said. The Disney VIP Tours was incredible. It took all the stress out of navigating the park. If this is within your budget I highly recommend the tours.