Is a Disney VIP Tour  Worth It  at  Walt Disney World?

Are Disney VIP tours worth the spurge for your Disney vacation? How much does a Disney VIP Tour cost?  We are answering all the questions on what to expect on a Disney VIP tour to help you decide.

The Disney VIP Tours are customized guided tours guests can reserve during their Disney World vacation. Guests have a guide that sets their park day and assists with attraction and dining.

What is a Disney VIP Tour?

Disney private VIP tours are the most exclusive tours offered at the parks. Private VIP tours have a minimum of 7 hours and are completely customizable. Starting cost of a Disney Private VIP Tour: $450-$900 an hour.

Private VIP Tour

Disney World changes their VIP tours depending on season and popularity.  At times there are tours that focus on thrill rides, food, history of the parks, as well as behind the scenes tours at Animal Kingdom. It is best to check what they are offering during your visit.  If you don't find it you can customize the private VIP tour to what it best for your Disney trip. 

More Disney Private Tours

This is not an easy question to answer because it depends on your Disney vacation budget and expectations for your visit. You can have an amazing time at Disney World without a VIP tour but if it is in your budget you will not be disappointed.  It is well worth the splurge! 

Are Disney VIP Tours Worth It?

With that being said. The Disney VIP Tours  was incredible.  It took all the stress out of navigating the park.  If this is within your budget I highly recommend the tours.