Best Things to Do at SeaWorld Orlando and Tips for Your Visit

If thrilling roller coasters and unique attractions are what you are looking for in a trip to Orlando you should consider visiting SeaWorld Orlando. We recently visited and these are our picks for the best things to do at SeaWorld Orlando.

If you are visiting Orlando, Florida you may want to plan a day at SeaWorld Orlando, but you may be wondering “What to do at SeaWorld Orlando?”

There are actually a lot of things to do for the whole family. From animal encounters and experiences, to thrilling roller coasters, SeaWorld Orlando has something for everyone to enjoy.

My Top 3 Favorite Things to Do at SeaWorld Orlando

If I could only pick 3 things to do at SeaWorld Orlando I would do Journey to Atlantis, explore the Wild Arctic, and ride one of the roller coasters. (I didn’t choose one in particular and I go into details why below.)

Like all theme parks purchase tickets before you arrive at the parks. This will save you time and money for your trip. Check SeaWorld Orlando ticket deals.

entrance to seaworld orlando
Waiting for the park to open to guests.

Where is SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is 11 miles from the Orlando International Airport (MCO). It is 3.8 miles from the Walt Disney World Resort and 6.5 miles from the Universal Orlando Resort.

It is easy to travel between the resorts and the theme parks with a car or Uber.

SeaWorld Orlando Map

SeaWorld Orlando is a large park that goes in a circle around the Seven Seas Lagoon. Be prepared to do a lot of walking.

map of seaworld orlando
SeaWorld Map for the Seven Seas Food Festival.

Read on for all of our best things to do at SeaWorld and tips for SeaWorld Orlando.

Best Things to Do at SeaWorld Orlando with Kids

For this list I am including the best SeaWorld attractions and entertainment options. We thought there were a lot of things to do for kids of all ages.

Brave the Thrilling Roller Coasters

There are five, soon to be six, roller coasters at SeaWorld Orlando. They include Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, Ice Breaker, Kraken, Mako, and Manta. In Spring 2024 Penguin Trek will open.

I prefer a calm mild thrill coaster and I think once Penguin Trek opens that will be my favorite. We were all excited to ride Pipeline but unfortunately the day of our visit it was closed.

From what I have heard it is a really fun coaster and we plan to visit again to try it next time. It is a stand up coaster that gives riders the sensation of surfing.

Ice Breaker is a launch coaster that goes forward and backwards with the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida.

Kraken is Orlando’s only floorless coaster, Mako is 200 feet high and reaches speeds of 73 mph, and Manta has riders facing down on a flying roller coaster. (They all have a 54″ height requirement.)

I braved the Manta roller coaster and it was one and done for me! It was a bit scary for my liking but the teens loved it! They enjoyed all the roller coasters at SeaWorld and we loved the uniqueness of each one.

manta at seaworld orlando
Manta Roller Coaster has guests flying through the air.

Explore the Nostalgia of Sesame Street Land

If you are visiting SeaWorld Orlando with small children you want to make time to explore Sesame Street Land. Even with older kids we liked walking through Sesame Street and seeing it all.

There are characters to meet like Elmo and Cookie Monster as well as a daily parade: currently Sesame Street Birthday Parade.

There are also 8 attractions in Sesame Street Land. If you plan on visiting pack bathing suits and towels for your kids to enjoy Rubber Duckie Water Works which is a themed splash and spray area.

sesame street land entrance
Entrance to Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld Orlando.

Walk Around the Wild Arctic Underwater Viewing

On our first visit in 2018 I remember enjoying the Wild Arctic Underwater Viewing Area. Here you will find Walruses, Beluga Whales, Harbor Seals, and Penguins.

We enjoyed it on this visit as well. It is a nice area to escape the afternoon heat and see the animals underwater. There is a glacier to touch and other information about the habitat of these underwater animals.

beluga whales at seaworld orlando
Beluga Whales at SeaWorld Orlando.

Learn More at the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

The Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Center must be booked as a tour but you can see the Manatees and talk to Animal Keepers about their efforts to help rehabilitated manatees that have been harmed in the wild.

There is also a underwater viewing area that is fun to walk through.

Visit During a Special Event

We have been lucky to visit SeaWorld during special events. These special events are included in your park admission and are fantastic enhancements to your park day.

There are theme weekends, Halloween events, and free concerts during the special events at SeaWorld. On our first visit we were there for the SeaWorld Christmas Celebration, which was so much fun!

This visit we got to experience the SeaWorld Seven Seas Festival of Food. I think the Seven Seas Food Festival is best with older kids because it requires a lot of walking, trying new foods, and sharing food.

We purchases a food lanyard that allowed us to choose 15 different items from the 28 food venues throughout the park. It was a little taste of everything and a fun way to try new things as we explored the park.

Experience the Water Rides

There are two thrilling water rides at SeaWorld Orlando. They are Journey to Atlantis and Infinity Falls.

Journey to Atlantis is a log flume/roller coaster that has indoor and outdoor scenes. It has a 42″ height requirement and is fun for most kids that like thrill rides. We did this one a few times because of the shorter wait times and the kids loved it!

Infinity Falls is a rapid ride with one of the world’s tallest river rapid drops. We didn’t get to ride this due to timing on our part but it is on our list for our next visit.

We did not get soaked on Journey to Atlantis but Infinity Falls will get you soaked. Be prepared to rent a locker or wear clothes that dry quickly.

journey to atlantis at seaworld orlando
Journey to Atlantis is a unique water and roller coaster attraction at SeaWorld.

Tips for SeaWorld Orlando

  • Purchase tickets before you visit. Check SeaWorld Orlando ticket prices.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before park opening to get ahead of the lines for the most popular attractions.
  • Ride the most popular attractions first. We did the rides in this order and did not have long wait times:
    • Manta
    • Pipeline (We did not get to ride because it was temporarily closed for the day but if it is open go there next.)
    • Journey to Atlantis
    • Kraken
    • Ice Breaker
    • Mako
    • Infinity Falls will get busy as the day progresses and the temperature rises. If you plan to ride this do it early or late in the day.
  • Save the aquarium viewing and shows for the afternoon hours.
  • All attractions do not open at park open. The back section of the park typically opens around 10:00am. Keep this in mind when planning your day.
  • Take a look at the SeaWorld Orlando Map to familiarize yourself with the park. Download the app too!
  • In Spring 2024 Penguin Trek will open. This will be a family friendly roller coaster with indoor and outdoor sections. Once open expect very long wait times. I would ride this first once it is open.
  • There are other add-on experiences that you may want to consider when visiting SeaWorld Orlando. They are purchasing the day dining deal, doing the Orca Encounter, and dining at Sharks Underwater Grill.
  • SeaWorld Orlando offers a Skip the Lines pass for an additional cost. Learn more here.

Overall we really enjoyed our visit to SeaWorld Orlando. The crowds were busy as the day progressed but there was a free concert that probably contributed to it and it was during winter break week.

All of the Orlando theme parks see large crowds. I felt SeaWorld had space and capacity to feel like there was a lot to do without feeling overcrowded. There are definitely a lot of things to do at SeaWorld Orlando that families will enjoy!

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