The Cove at Sylvan Beach Review for Summer Weekend Getaway in New York

If you are looking for laid back comfort and relaxation for your next family trip you should take a look at The Cove at Sylvan Beach in New York. Offering 2 and 3 bedroom cottages in Sylvan Beach, The Cove is a great place for a close to home getaway near the Finger Lakes.

The Cove at Sylvan Beach is a beautiful addition to the Oneida Lake vacation rentals in the area. 2 and 3 bedroom cottages that overlook the canal make this a lovely setting for families or couples looking to getaway and unwind.

I have been watching the progress of The Cove at Sylvan Beach unfold over the last few years, and I was really excited for the prospective of a new resort for families in New York State.

We made the short drive, a little over 90 minutes, from our home in Rochester, New York for a 2 night end of summer trip. It was exactly what we needed before we started the new school year.

First Reaction to The Cove at Sylvan Beah

My first reaction is that it was a beautiful home-like cottage along the water. It offered nightly fire pits outside our porch and high-end accommodations.

I am always looking for fun places to visit in New York State and The Cove really shows what New York state has to offer. It is in a great location for day trips around the area as well as a short distance for a day in Syracuse.

Review of The Cove at Sylvan Beach

I am always honest in my reviews and our visit to The Cove at Sylvan Beach was really great. I loved the layout of the resort. The cottages were very nice and clean. If you like relaxing by the pool or on a boat for your family vacation this is a great spot for you.

We were a bit nervous about driving a pontoon boat but the staff made us feel confident with it and it ended up being a family favorite activity.

The price point of the cottages is a bit high for a family, but when you compare it to locations around and the inclusion of a boat it is pretty comparable.

I do wish the cottages fit more than 6 people to bring grandparents, etc. Honestly 8 can fit comfortable in a 3 bedroom cottage and I am not sure why 6 is the limit.

I do not suggest going over the capacity limit but it would be nice to be able to share with extended family.

tubing at the cove at sylvan beach

So what kind of vacation can you expect at The Cove at Sylvan Beach? What family is this good for?

If you love being on the water, you want to spend your days at the pool, you want to sit in a chair and relax for a week this is for you.

If you love water sports. You want to kayak in the morning, spend the afternoon on the boat, and finish the evening around the fire pit. The Cove is for you.

If you are looking for a busy vacation and filling your days with activities. You want to visit a lot of places. This may not be for you.

If you like a mix of both, The Cove could be perfect for you. You could have a week planned of days by the pool, kayaking before breakfast, day trips to the city, sunset boat rides and nights around the fire.

We typically like a fast vacation. Our vacation itineraries are usually packed with activities, that is our style, but we also can appreciate a few days of a slower pace. It was a perfect trip for 2 nights to relax and have some much needed family time before school starts.

Read on for everything you should expect when visiting The Cove at Sylvan Beach.

the cove at sylvan beach 3 bedroom cottage

The Cove at Sylvan Beach Overview

There are 70 cottages on property with an on-site grab and go market, ice cream shop, and carry out restaurant. Guest have access to their own pontoon boat as well as an on-site heated pool and playground.

Guests can also rent kayaks, canoes, water bikes, bicycles, and more at the Sylvan Beach Co. Supply shop. Off-site guests can also rent supplies for the day.

What is included in your stay at The Cove at Sylvan Beach?

Guests staying at the 2 bedroom cottage and 3 bedroom cottage at The Cove have access to a private fire pit, gas grill, and a pontoon boat. Guests also have access to the pool and playground.

What is not included in your stay at The Cove at Sylvan Beach?

If you would like to go tubing or water skiing during your stay you can rent equipment at the Sylvan Beach Supply Co. Guests can also rent paddle boards, canoes, water bikes, ski boats, bicycles, fishing boats and equipment.

The Cove offers Lake Packages that rent by the hour or for your week stay. Check pricing information here.

pontoon rental boats at the cove at sylvan beach

When is The Cove at Sylvan Beach open?

The Cove at Sylvan Beach opens May 3rd and finished the 2024 season around September 29th. Depending on the time of year of your visit a 2 or 3 night minimum stay is required.

Is there beach access at The Cove at Sylvan Beach?

There is not beach access at The Cove. Swimming off the docks is not allowed. You can boat to the beach and dock on the sand if you are comfortable.

We didn’t do that because it was our first time boating and we had a short visit. Had we stayed the week we would probably have felt more comfortable docking at the beach.

Can you walk to the beach from The Cove?

You can walk to the village of Sylvan Beach. It will be about a 15-20 minute walk. From there you can find a beach access entrance.

Do you need a boating license to drive the pontoon boat at The Cove at Sylvan Beach?

Yes. You must have a boating certificate to drive the boat. You can take the boating safety course here. Guests must be 25 years or older to drive the boat.

At check-in you can schedule a time with one of the employees to go over how to use the boat and answer any questions you may have. This took about 20 minutes and was really helpful in making us feel comfortable.

Can you bring pets to The Cove at Sylvan Beach?

Dogs weighing 50lbs or under are welcome at the cottages at The Cove.

Can you have visitors during your stay at The Cove at Sylvan Beach?

Yes, you can have day visitors at The Cove. No overnight guests allowed if over the 4 person (2 bedroom cottages) or 6 person (3 bedroom cottage) limit.

Can you swim at The Cove at Sylvan Beach?

Guests can swim in the pool but not in the canal at The Cove.

3 Bedroom Cottage at the Cove at Sylvan Beach

The Cove at Sylvan beach cottages are beautiful. They have 70 cottages with most of the 3 bedroom cottages overlooking the canal. We loved sitting outside around the fire pit with the sunsetting along the canal. It was stunning.

The cottages are definitely a home away from home with a full kitchen and dining room, living room, washer and dryer, and air condition.

We stayed in the 3 bedroom cottage. This had a master bedroom with a king bed and private bathroom, a bedroom with 2 double beds, and a bunk bed with double beds. There is also a shared bathroom in the main area.

The cottages were great for our family and offered a lot of space for us. When we travel we often get take out and enjoy our meal back at our hotel. The Cove allowed us to enjoy family meals together which was a great perk for our stay.

What to Bring for your Cottage at The Cove

  • Hand soap
  • Lighter for the fire
  • Groceries/Snacks
  • Cooler, to pack when you are out on the boat.
  • Dish Soap
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Dish Detergent

What is included in the Cottages at The Cove

  • Bed sheets
  • Bath Towels
  • Pool Towels
  • 1 Bundle of Wood
  • Pontoon Boat
  • Washer and Dryer
fire pit at the cove at sylvan beach

Cost of Cottages at The Cove at Sylvan Beach

For the 2024 season nightly prices start at $425.00 a night. This includes a pontoon boat rental for the duration of your stay. Prices may vary and can change. Check here for latest.

Activities at The Cove at Sylvan Beach

If you love water sports you will love the activities at The Cove at Sylvan Beach. We focused our time on getting out on the pontoon boat and tubing. This was such a blast.

You can also rent canoes, kayaks, water bikes, and fishing equipment. The equipment is easy to rent and the staff helps you get started.

Our short visit really only allotted time to get out on the boat, have some pool time, and play at the playground. We spent almost 5 hours tubing before the water became a bit choppy. Then we enjoyed the heated pool.

The playground is really unique and even has a zipline. This is great for kids 10 and under.

Activities around The Cove at Sylvan Beach, NY

If you are staying for a week you may want to check out the things to do around Sylvan Beach with kids. You can take a day trip to Syracuse to see the larger museums in the city or make the short drive to the Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, NY.

There are also movie theaters, zoos, mini-golf, and hiking trails located nearby. Read our post about things to do in Syracuse for ideas on day trips during your stay.

Dining at The Cove at Sylvan Beach

When it comes to dining The Cove at Sylvan Beach has some really great family friendly options. I mentioned earlier in this article that we had a short visit. Because of this we didn’t bring our own groceries and we ate most of our meals at the Sylvan Beach Supply Co. It did not disappoint.

We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the carry out restaurant. Breakfast options were egg sandwiches with sausage or bacon, muffins/baked good, or pick something up at the grab and go like cereal or oatmeal.

For lunch and dinner we ordered from the menu selections of pizza, burgers, and hot dogs. There were also frozen options and prepackaged meals in the grab and go area.

If you love desserts you don’t want to miss out on the ice cream sundae options. We tried two different ones and shared them. I would love to go back to try some more!

One more thing I want to note about the food options at The Cove is the prices were very reasonable. Breakfast sandwiches were around $5.00 each at the time of our visit.

If you want to dine outside the resort there are many options along the village. We did eat at Eddie’s for dinner and the food was good but our meal was over $100 for our family. I felt it was a little pricey for what it was.

I have heard great things about the Pancake House and wish we had more time to try it!

Overall The Cove at Sylvan Beach is great for upstate New York families looking for a staycation or families visiting NY state for the first time. Our short visit gave us one day to enjoy the best of The Cove and it was one of our favorite days of summer.

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