5 Reasons Your Family Will Love KIDZ BOP

A few weeks ago I announced that I would be a KIDZ BOP brand ambassador and I am so excited! My family has been listening to KIDZ BOP since my oldest was little. I like listening to music I know is safe for my kids and we can enjoy as a family. Today I wanted to share 5 reasons to love KIDZ BOP with your family.

A little KIDZ BOP history….

KIDZ BOP has been making albums for 17 years and covers popular hit songs. The twist is they are sung by kids for kids and lyrics are changed to make them family friendly. KIDZ BOP kids go on to do great things. Zendaya was once a KIDZ BOP kid.

5 Reasons to Love KIDZ BOP (It includes LOTS of Family Time!)

KIDZ BOP Sets A Great Example for Your Kids

Whether your kid is dancing to the KIDZ BOP songs or making their own music video, KIDZ BOP shows your kids that if they work hard they can make their dreams happen. The KIDZ BOP kids age range is from 9-14, because of this your kids can relate to them.

They want to learn the dances from the KIDZ BOP YouTube Videos. As a parent, I know when my kids watch the videos and listen to the music it is safe and family friendly. I feel good knowing the music videos will be age appropriate for my family.

kidz bop kids

Everyday Music You Can Listen to Together

KIDZ BOP is a great way to introduce kids of all ages to the latest hits. We can all listen to the music and enjoy it without worrying about suggestive lyrics or words we wouldn’t want our kids to hear.

Perfect Music Mix for Family Road Trip

I love a good family road trip! One of my biggest tips for road trips is to find music everyone loves. We make Jammy Jams (Our version of a mix tape!) and it helps the hours go by during the drive. Music can bring back memories and I love that we have a soundtrack for our trips. KIDZ BOP is an excellent choice for road trips.

So Many Ways to Enjoy

KIDZ BOP releases a few albums a year. KIDZ Bop 38 comes up Friday, July 13th.They have holiday albums, 90’s hits, greatest hits albums, and compilations that come out of the latest radio hits. There really is something for everyone!

If you like to travel, like we do, KIDZ BOP offers awesome opportunities. KIDZ BOP Experience in Punta Cana lets your kids live the life of a KIDZ BOP star by creating their own band! KIDZ BOP kids are also having a concert for the ultimate KIDZ BOP fan experience!

LEGOLAND, Florida celebrates with KIDZ BOP Weekend in November. A weekend long event filled with concerts, meet & greets, and of course LEGOLAND rides and attractions.

Experience Your First Concert Together

Taking your kids to see their first concert is a milestone but it can be difficult as a parent to decide what age and what concert will be appropriate. KIDZ BOP Live is a perfect first kids concert. We are attending one in August and we can’t wait.

There are so many ways to enjoy KIDZ BOP with your family. We love that we can listen to it at home or when we travel and it’s something we all can enjoy!

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