Adopt-A-Maple at Kettle Ridge Farm: A New Family Holiday Tradition

Thanksgiving has come and gone and the frenzy of the holidays has kicked into high gear. I love the holidays. I love the lights and the decorating and creating memories with my family that connects us. From the family traditions, to the family get-together the holidays are an amazing time to focus on what is really important. This year we are starting a new family holiday tradition with the Adopt-A-Maple at Kettle Ridge Farm program.

This post is sponsored by Kettle Ridge Farm. All opinions and thoughts are honest and my own. 

I have always enjoyed shopping small and local to discover unique items that are perfect for everyone on my list. This year I have found a unique gift to share with my friends in Rochester and nationally through the Adopt-A-Maple at Kettle Ridge Farm program. Not only is this a great gift for any family, it is a tradition that will connect us through early next year too.

Adopt A Maple at Kettle Ridge Farm
Adopt a Maple at Kettle Ridge Farm.

Adopt-A-Maple at Kettle Ridge Farm: A New Family Holiday Tradition

About Kettle Ridge Farm

Formed by glaciers, Kettle Ridge Farm in Victor, New York is a serene place that offers families a way to be part of the farm. They say “Life Should Be Sweet” and sweet it is.

Adopt A Maple at Kettle Ridge Farm

Kettle Ridge Farm specializes in maple syrup and honey products as well as community events during the year. They are a family run business that graciously welcomes families into their world. The Adopt-A-Maple program at Kettle Ridge Farm is a great opportunity to connect with your family and enjoy the outdoors.

Adopt-A-Maple Program

The Adopt-A-Maple program gives families an opportunity to “Adopt” a tree that will be tapped in early next year. There are a few different programs available.

The Adopt-A-Maple program makes a great gift for out of town family and friends. After you order and name your tree, you will be sent a Maple Syrup gift package in early spring. This is a great way to send a little bit of home to your friends and family.


  • Electronic certificate emailed to you after purchase
  • Custom emblem attached to your adopted tree
  • Official certificate including photo and GPS coordinates of your tree
  • Two different grades of fresh maple syrup in 375ml glass flasks
  • One 8 oz bag of our famous maple granola
  • One 4 oz box of maple candy
  • Free shipping on all packages (anywhere in the USA)
    Total $65.00 (Sign Up here.)
Adopt A Maple at Kettle Ridge Farm

Adopt-a-Maple PLUS

The Adopt-A-Maple PLUS offers everything from above as well as the hands-on experience of tapping and tasting your Maple Syrup. One of my family goals for next year is to get outside more. At Kettle Ridge Farm I can visit in early 2018 and have my family experience how a Maple Syrup Farm works. We also get to enjoy the tasting room and a delicious pancake breakfast.

  • All features from the Adopt-A-Maple program
  • Learn to tap your adopted maple tree in our sugarbush Sundays January-March. You will have the opportunity to sign up when you register.
  • Two pancake breakfast tickets. Additional meals available for purchase.
  • Unique maple tasting in our newly refurbished tasting room
  • Two tickets to KettleFest on September 15, 2018
  • First access and discounts to other farm happenings (e.g. pop-up dinners, Honey Dipper Festival)
    Total $100.00 (Sign Up here.)

Adopt A Maple at Kettle Ridge Farm
Sponsor a Classroom

If you and your family are looking to give back this year you can sponsor a classroom. Kettle Ridge Farm will coordinate a field trip for students in the Rochester City School District. Each child will receive a bottle of Maple Syrup and the sponsor will receive a class picture as well as a maple syrup gift. The sponsor a classroom program is $300 and is a great idea to organize as a group or neighborhood gift to give back this holiday season.

Learn more and sign up for the Adopt-A-Maple program.

Why I Love the Adopt-A-Maple Program at Kettle Ridge Farm in Rochester

I was so excited to have the chance to tour the farm earlier this week and I loved the peacefulness and welcoming feeling I got as soon as I arrived. As I walked around and learned more about the farm I knew immediately that everything was done with heart and Kettle Ridge Farm loves sharing this passion with the community. The Adopt-A-Maple program is Kettle Ridge Farm’s way of sharing their love of making Maple Syrup with the community.

I love that the Adopt-A-Maple program can be purchased to share with our community. Purchase a gift to out-of-town friends and family. It is a nice way to bring a little of our home to others. Sponsor a classroom and share within our community and help others experience the farm.

Adopt A Maple at Kettle Ridge Farm

Use the Adopt-A-Maple program to connect your family and start a new holiday tradition. I am always planning activities and new family traditions with my kids. We like to try new experiences and learn new things. During the cold winter it can, at times, be difficult to get out of the house. We are all looking forward to our pancake breakfast, tapping our Maple, and taste testing in early 2018. It is a wonderful experience that families can enjoy during the holidays and into the new year.

Ways to Enjoy Kettle Ridge Farm All Year Long

The great thing about Kettle Ridge Farm is there are ways to enjoy it year round. Enjoy NY State Maple Weekends at the farm in March. In September 2017 they had an adult-only farm-to-table dinner under the moon. Also in September they have their annual KettleFest that brings local artists, food vendors, and the community together for a day full of fun activities. They even do chicken races that I know my kids will love!!

Adopt A Maple at Kettle Ridge Farm

One of my favorite things that I will be on the look-out for is their Pancake Food Truck. This. Is. Amazing! Does it get any better then homemade pancakes and fresh maple syrup? I didn’t think so but then they invented the “Pancake Ice Cream Sundae” that is topped with ice cream, berries, and maple syrup or honey. This sounds so delicious and I can’t wait to make Kettle Ridge Farm part of our new family traditions in 2018.

Adopt A Maple at Kettle Ridge Farm

The Adopt-A-Maple program at Kettle Ridge Farm is a great new family tradition to start this year. It is an amazing way to connect with your family while learning more, tasting delicious food and connecting with the community and nature.

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