Clingmans Dome Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains

Clingmans Dome trail is a great hike for families visiting the Great Smoky Mountains. It has amazing views and is a unique hiking experience. It may be a little challenging but worth the effort for the incredible views.

When we started planning our Pigeon Forge, Tennessee vacation I knew I wanted to add a hike to Gatlinburg Clingmans Dome into our itinerary. I had done a bit of research and it looked incredible.

I will start this with saying we are not a big hiking family. We can appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, but it is not our main focus during family vacations. This means I look for ways to experience national parks in a way that fits what works for our family.

I had heard about Clingmans Dome and knew it was the highest point in the Great Smokies and worth the hike for it’s 100 mile long views, on a clear day. The trail ends with an observation tower that gives you a birds eye view of the mountains.

We had spent the first few days of our vacation on a road trip to Tennessee and were ready to stretch our legs!

drive to clingmans dome trail

Clingmans Dome Trail Details

The Clingmans Dome hike is 1/2 a mile of paved trails. That is easy enough, but it takes you on a 332 feet elevation change in that short hike.

So how high is Clingmans Dome? At the top you are around 6,643 ft, which is the highest point of the Great Smokies. It is worth the climb for the incredible views.

Where is Clingmans Dome

Clingmans Dome is located in North Carolina. It is about a 1 hour drive from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The main road to get to Clingmans Dome is closed from December 1st-March 31st due to weather.

Most people include a visit to Clingmans Dome during their visit to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

We stayed at a cabin in Pigeon Forge and made a day trip for our visit.

How to Get to Clingmans Dome

Driving to Clingmans Dome is part of the adventure. You will take the 7 mile journey along Clingmans Dome Road until it ends at the trail to the observation tower.

This seven mile road will take you up the mountain and through twists and turns. It is a beautiful drive. There are also parking stops along the way if you would like to stop.

Pigeon forge to clingmans dome

Tips for Hiking Clingmans Dome Great Smokey Mountain Trail

Time Your Visit

The road to the observation tower trail is closed from December to March and that will limit your access to the park. The tower is open year round and there are other trails to reach the tower. Check the National Parks website for more information on visiting during the off season.

Wear Lots of Layers

We visited Tennessee in August. August is hot in Tennessee and we didn’t even consider it would not be hot on our hike. Next time I would pack sweatshirts and even pants. The temperature in August was low 60’s and cool at the top during our hike. It was also very foggy and damp.

Pack Essentials in a Backpack

I think the short hike makes this trail deceiving in that you may think you don’t need to pack and prepare for it. I would bring plenty of water for the hike. During our visit it was chilly but the weather changes throughout the day. Plan on bringing hats, sunscreen, and wear comfortable shoes.

Don’t Rush and Take Your Time

Even though the trail is half a mile the steep incline can make this a difficult hike for some. There are benches along the trail to take breaks on if you need them. With kids I find it is best to take your time, not rush them, and allow them breaks when needed.

Not Stroller or Wheelchair Accessible

This hike is not wheelchair or stroller accessible. If you have a small child consider using a carrier for the hike or have them walk.

Watch the Weather

I was expecting 100 mile views, but when we reached the top a fog had rolled in and we couldn’t see very far at all. Watch the weather before you arrive and take that into consideration when you plan your visit. We visited early in the morning during typical fog time. Mid-day may see less fog and allow for more visibility.

Arrive Early

The parking area opens around 8:00am and will fill up quickly. I suggest arriving as close to that time as possible. Arriving early will make it easier to park and less crowds to navigate during your hike.

Overall our hike at Clingmans Dome trail was one of our favorite parts of our Pigeon Forge vacation. It was a great hike for families and a fun challenge for all of us.

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