Is a Disney Cruise Worth It? (Disney Cruise Pros and Cons)

Is a Disney Cruise worth it for your next family vacation? It is not a one size fits all answer but today we are going to share the most frequently asked questions as well as pros and cons of a Disney Cruise to help you decide if a Disney Cruise Line vacation is a good fit for your family vacation.

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People often ask “What’s so great about a Disney Cruise? My answer is it depends on who you ask! Each family has a different set of expectations on vacation and a Disney Cruise is no different.

I’ll go into details below on the most common questions but lets start with an overview of the Disney Cruise Line.

Disney Cruise Line has 4 ships: Disney Wonder, Disney Magic, Disney Dream, and Disney Fantasy. Disney Wish will enter the fleet in 2022.

They cruise all over the world from the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, the Pacific Coast, and Canada. The length of the cruise varies from 3 to 11 nights.

Disney Cruise also has special themed and holiday cruises like Marvel Day at Sea, Star Wars Day at Sea, Halloween and Holiday Cruises. They also have a pirate night on select cruise itineraries.

We have done the 3 Night Bahama cruise twice now and pirate night is always so much fun!

is a disney cruise worth it disney dream ship.

Is a Disney Cruise Worth It?

To decide if a Disney Cruise is worth it for your family you need to consider the following:

What is your budget? This will determine whether a Disney cruise is a good fit.

What is included in a Disney Cruise? When looking at your budget and the cost of the cruise be sure to include all the meals you would pay out of pocket on a typical vacation. Most are included in the cost of the cruise.

What age is best for a Disney Cruise? You should consider the age of your kids and if you feel comfortable taking them on a cruise.

What does a perfect vacation look like for you? Do you like to stay active? Sit by the pool? Have child care for your kids?

How Much Is a Disney Cruise?

When planning a Disney vacation it often comes down to budget to help guide you on what works best for your family. So…How expensive is a Disney Cruise?

It is different for everyone depending on how many people are in your party and what upgrades you like, and how many days you cruise. The below table looks at a family of 4 and 5 and compares the prices.

If you want help pricing out your Disney Cruise vacation check out our partner Get Away Today for a quote.

Party Size/ Room Size3 Night Bahama Cruise5 Night Bahama Cruise
Family of 4/Inside Cabin$3,150 $5,288
Family of 4/Verandah$3,319$5,636
Family of 5/Oceanfront $4,547Unavailable
Family of 5/Verandah$4,817$9,853
All prices are total for your trip including taxes and fees. Prices are accurate as of 10/2020, and are for March 2021 sail date. A family of 5 does not fit in an inside cabin so the least expensive option was used.

Is a Disney Cruise All Inclusive? (What’s Included in a Disney Cruise)

Disney Cruise lines are mostly inclusive. There are a few restaurants and experiences that require reservations and added fees but you do not have to do these to enjoy your cruise.

You could easily pay for your cruise and not spend any extra money to experience the best of the cruise. If you would like to splurge you can add on special activities and dinners to your trip.

Gratuities are not included and should always be considered in your budget, the cast members on the ship work very hard to make sure you have an incredible experience.

The question I get a lot is: Is Ice Cream Free on a Disney Cruise? And the answer is…YES!!! There are soft-serve ice cream machines on the ship that guests can use as they choose. My kids loved this!!

Getting back to basics, three meals a day are included. This includes access to a buffet style restaurant as well as a sit-down restaurant that you do not need reservations for. Also unlimited coffee, tea, and soft drinks are included.

disney cruise worth it food options.

Besides food a Disney Cruise also includes amazing top-notch entertainment and shows. We loved the Beauty and the Beast show on the Disney Dream.

is a disney cruise worth it beauty and the beast.

Also included in your vacation are daily activities and the Disney Oceaneer Club. This is the on-site kids club. I go in depth on what to expect in this post: Disney Dream Kids Club: What Parents Need to Know for a Disney Cruise.

All three of my kids loved the kids club. There is one for small children, school age children, tweens, and teens. I felt very comfortable sending my kids to the kids club, and they had a blast each time.

There are also pools, adult only and family friendly ones, some cruise ships have a water slide and splash pads. There is mini-golf, a movie theater, movies by the pool, and daily activities throughout the ship. If you are at a port for the day you can also go on a shore excursion.

Disney Cruise Line has endless amount of activities for your family. Learn more in this post: Awesome Disney Dream Activities with Kids To Do On Your Disney Cruise Vacation.

What age is best for a Disney Cruise?

This brings me to what is the best age for a Disney Cruise. The kids club starts at ages 3 and up. There is an option for children 6 months-3 but you need to make reservations and pay the hourly fee.

You also should consider how comfortable your kids are going to a day care like setting, on a cruise ship, with people they don’t know. Some kids love it, some kids do not!

My kids were in the 3-12 range when we first did a Disney Cruise and they liked it a lot. They had each other to support each other when we were not there and the cast member/counselors are amazing.

Honestly, the kids never want to leave the kids club because there is so much to do!

disney cruise worth it disney kids club.

Disney Cruise Pros and Cons

Let’s look at a few of the pros and cons of the Disney cruise to help you decide if a Disney Cruise vacation is right for you.

Disney Cruise Pros:

If you love Disney you will be happy to know it is Disney all the time. Disney characters and themes are weaved into everything aboard the ship.

You will receive top of the line service and attention. Disney cast members offer some of the best customer service in all of hospitality and it shows.

Guests have access to Broadway style shows and movies that are currently in theaters.

Disney has their own private island, Castaway Cay that allows guests to enjoy during a Caribbean cruise. This has all the amenities you would expect including lunch, activities, and soft serve ice cream.

The Kid’s clubs are awesome. The activities will keep your kids entertained all day.

Disney Cruise Cons:

It is Disney all the time. There are characters walking around. The dining is Disney themed. The rooms have subtle nods to Mickey Mouse. Everywhere you turn is Disney. If you are not a big Disney fan this may be overkill.

The Disney Cruise Line is pricey. The cost is often higher than the cost of other cruise lines. You are paying for the amazing service and Disney magical touches, but if the price is too high you may want to look at other cruise lines.

At times your family may be split up. If the kids go to the kids club you will be on your own for the day. This may sound like a pro but if you were looking for all day family time this might not be a good fit.

Watch Our 3 Night Disney Cruise to the Bahamas

Let me know if you have any more questions about planning a Disney Cruise vacation and if it is worth it for your family.

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