Pancakes & Family Time at Kettle Ridge Farm

Earlier this year I shared that I want to be more intentional with our family time. What better way to enjoy family then visiting Kettle Ridge Farm. Kettle Ridge Farm is all about family. From the people behind the tasting counter to the people that help you tap your maple tree, they are all about working together and being a family. I love this about Kettle Ridge Farm and I couldn’t wait to bring my family back for our pancake breakfast and our tree tapping.

What’s Inside: Read about our visit to Kettle Ridge Farm for their Adopt-A-Maple event and learn how to plan your visit.

During the 2017 holiday season we participated in the Adopt-A-Maple program at Kettle Ridge Farm. The Adopt-A-Maple program allows you to be part of the maple syrup experience. We received a certificate that we officially adopted a maple and are invited back in early 2018 to tap our tree and enjoy a pancake breakfast.

kettle ridge farm adopt a maple

First of all-I love pancake breakfasts and fresh maple syrup. Maybe it is because I grew up in New York state but pancake breakfasts are the best. Second- I love that the Adopt-A-Maple program is about giving experiences. I find much more value in the moments I spend with my family over anything that comes from the store. Read more about my first visit to Kettle Ridge Farm and how you can participate in the Adopt-A-Maple program.  

We have been talking about our visit to the farm and the entire family was excited for our visit. Our visit would include a tasting in Kettle Ridge Farm tasting room, a tour of how the maple syrup is produced, tapping our adopted tree, and finish with a pancake restaurant.

Kettle Ridge Farm Tasting & Tour

Our first stop at Kettle Ridge Farm was the tasting room. I have to say this was probably my favorite part. I love maple syrup and being able to try the different types available and the ways they use it in their products was really fun. We tried traditional Maple Syrup, Bourbon Maple Syrup, Granola, Maple Candy, and the honey made at the farm.

tasting at kettle ridge farm

I was really surprised by the Bourbon-Barrel Maple Syrup and had to purchase a bottle of it to bring home. It had a distinct taste but I loved the unique flavors. Kettle Ridge Farm aged it 7 months and I really began to understand the time and care that goes into producing the maple syrup.

The kids favorite was the maple syrup candy. It was melt it your mouth good! They are really looking forward to more of the candy when our spring gift box arrives.

maple candy tasting at kettle ridge farm

Next up was the tour of where they make the maple syrup. When the tree is tapped it is mostly water. They have machines that perform reverse osmosis to remove as much water as possible. The goal is to increase the sugar content to around 67% and continue the maple syrup process from there.

Tapping the Maple Tree at Kettle Ridge Farm

I had no idea what to expect for the tapping of the tree. We all walked through the beautiful grounds and over to trees. We were then guided to a tree and learned how to tap it. There are many things you look for when tapping the tree and you want to keep the tree as healthy as possible through the years.

kettle ridge farm tapping maple tree

Once we found our tree my daughter helped drill a hole. As soon as the hole was drilled sap began to drip out of it. We had the opportunity to try it straight from the tree and the sweetness was nearly non-existent. The kids were really surprised to taste the difference from the tree and the tasting room.

adopt a maple at kettle ridge farm

After the drilling, the boys each had a turn at hammering in the tap. It was incredible that as soon as it was tapped it started to flow through the lines. The kids liked watching it go and we had a lot of fun, but they were ready for pancakes!!

our ma[ple tree at kettle ridge farm

Pancake Breakfast at Kettle Ridge Farm

There are really no words for a homemade pancake breakfast with fresh maple syrup but I will try. Delicious, scrumptious, and yummy are a few of the words my kids had! My son who the entire morning told me he didn’t like pancakes ate two of them on his own. The breakfast was awesome and we loved enjoying the family time on the farm.

pancake food truck

After breakfast we walked a little around the farm and had to stop for to say hello to the chickens. My youngest son named two of them James and can’t wait to come back for Kettle Fest in the fall to visit them.

kettle ridge farm pancake breakfast

Adopt-A-Maple Gift Bag in Spring

Another perk of the Adopt-A-Maple program is the gift box that you receive in the spring. It is full of Kettle Ridge Farm maple syrup products and I know the kids can’t wait to try the maple candy again. I think I may be as excited as the kids!!

Upcoming Events at Kettle Ridge Farm

If you missed the Adopt-A-Maple program in 2017 there is still time to experience this family fun event. Families are welcome to visit during Adopt-A-Maple Sundays. You can enjoy the pancake breakfast and tasting room, and even sign up for next year! Reservations are not required but emailing ahead of time helps them prepare. Hours are 9am-1pm on Sundays. Learn more by emailing Chris at [email protected].

kettle ridge farm tapping maple tree

NY State Maple weekends begin in March. They run March 17th/18th and 24th/25th. Kettle Ridge Farm will be open from 10am-4pm and will offer tastings, pancake breakfast, and tours.

We are looking forward to visiting during Kettle Fest which is a one-day family friendly festival supporting local artisans, music, and farms. Our Adopt-A-Maple package included two tickets to the event and we are looking forward to visiting in the fall. Save the date for September 15, 2018!

Kettle Ridge Farm is one of my favorite places to spend time as a family. It is a great way to get outside and enjoy quality family time. We are looking forward to making it part of our yearly family traditions.

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