Our Experience at PYM Kitchen Disneyland Paris

Avenger’s Campus at Disneyland Paris has a Marvel themed table service dining option for guests. I am sharing our experience at PYM Kitchen Disneyland Paris to help you plan your Disneyland Paris trip.

We were so excited planning our first visit to Disneyland Paris. It was part of a much bigger trip we did that included time in Iceland, London, and Paris.

PYM Kitchen at Disneyland Paris was one of the dining locations we wanted to include in our Disneyland Paris trip.

Disneyland Paris is a gorgeous park with attractions and dining unique to the Paris location. There are two theme parks at Disneyland Paris. They are Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios Park.

We love the Disney parks and I was really excited to visit Disneyland Paris. One of the first things I did when planning our trip was decide where to eat at Disneyland Paris.

As a family of five, that is on a travel budget, we knew we wouldn’t be doing a lot of sit-down meals. Instead we opted for quick service and casual dining options with one exception.

We wanted to include one table service restaurant into our Disneyland Paris trip and we decided to go with PYM Kitchen.

food at pyms kitchen disneyland paris

About PYM Kitchen

PYM Kitchen is for Marvel fans! It is located in the Avengers Campus area of Walt Disney Studios park. Marvel Avengers Campus opened on July 20th 2022 and is a great addition to the park.

We had visited the Disney California Adventure location of PYM Kitchen but at DCA it is a quick-service spot not a buffet restaurant. It had such good food and I was really excited to try the it during our visit.

kids activity sheet at pyms kitchen

There is also a quick service dining location in Avengers Campus Paris called Stark Factory. They serve pizza and pasta. PYM Kitchen requires table reservations. These can be booked on the Disneyland Paris app.

PYM Kitchen is a buffet style dining that includes main course, desserts, and a soft drink. It is located near Spider-Man Web Slingers attraction at Marvel Avengers Campus. 

The PYM particles created in PYM test kitchen have so many food items to choose from. It was a great option for my family. We all found something we liked to eat.

adult food at pyms kitchen disneyland paris

Atmosphere at PYM Kitchen Disneyland Paris

PYM Kitchen has a science lab atmosphere. The oils on the table are in test tubes and it really commits to the theme of being in the lab.

Guests will check-in with their reservation at the front desk and led to their table. From there drinks will be ordered and then you can start at the buffet.

The price of PYM Kitchen is $47(USD) for adults and that includes a cold drink or mineral water. Child prices are $26(USD) and includes Minute Maid Orange Juice, Apple juice, or milk. Child prices are for children 3-11 years of age.

Although the price of PYM Kitchen is pricier than quick service we thought it was a good value for the food. The price range is standard for a sit-down meal at the theme parks.

Be sure to make a reservation before you leave for your trip. You may be able to secure last minute reservations but it is best to do it as soon as you can.

kids food at pyms kitchen disneyland paris

Food at PYM Kitchen Disneyland Paris

At PYM Kitchen chefs use Ant-Man and Wasp’s PYM technologies to create giant menu items and mini-treats. Food choices include a giant burger, pasta dishes, rice dishes, hot dogs, sandwiches and lots of desserts including ice cream.

They also have vegetarian options. No matter what kind of food you like you should find something to enjoy at the restaurant.

It is really difficult to find the full menu of PYM kitchen online. On the official Disneyland Paris website they have the buffet prices and their signature cocktail menu.

A few of the options we liked were the Giant Burger and Subatomic Burger. I had been eating on the road for the last 8 days so I appreciated the vegetable options and Caesar salad with colossal croutons.

There are also particles mocktails and signature cocktails at an additional charge.

For dessert they had so many options. The kids love the self serve ice cream stations. My husband and I liked the Maxi-mini shortbreads and chocolate cake.

ice cream at pym kitchen disneyland paris

My Review of PYM Kitchen at Disneyland Paris

Overall I really liked PYM Kitchen. Like I had mentioned earlier we were on day 8 or 9 of our 12 day London Paris trip and it was great to have a sit-down meal as a family.

All of us enjoyed the food. The spiral pasta and green beans was a bit. I went up for seconds at the salad counter.

We also loved trying all the different and unique dessert options. The carrot cake and oreo cake was the best.

desserts at pym kitchen disneyland paris

Overall I felt PYM Kitchen had good food and good value for families dining at Disneyland Paris. You will spend a little more but the cast members and food delivered on our expectations.

We would recommend including PYM Kitchen in your Disneyland Paris trips.

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