7 Things to Do at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY

A highlight of our weekend in Cooperstown, NY was learning more about the history of baseball in America. Here are seven things to do at the Baseball Hall of Fame for families.

Cooperstown is a baseball town and the Baseball Hall of Fame is one of the biggest attractions. We visited for a family weekend in Cooperstown and it is a great town to enjoy some family time away.

The Baseball Hall of Fame preserves the history of American baseball legends. It also is where the Hall of Fame Baseball players are inducted into the hall of fame during Hall of Fame weekend. There are many things to do see and do for the biggest baseball fan as well as the casual baseball fan.

Everyone can take away something from how the history of baseball is part of the American story. When planning your visit the museum suggests starting with the second floor followed by the third and finally the first floor. We took the suggestion of the museum and followed this path.

The Baseball Hall of Fame is a decent size and will take you a few hours to fully explore. It also gets busy. We visited on a Saturday in October and the line to enter was long before the museum opened. Plan on arriving at least 15-20 minutes before opening.

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Things to See at the Baseball Hall of Fame

Kids Discovery Tour

The first thing you should do at the Baseball Hall of Fame is get a copy of the Kids Discovery Tour. This is a scavenger hunt type activity that the kids can fill in as they explore the museum.

We really had fun with this and the staff was very helpful in guiding us to the spots. Ask about it at the front desk when you purchase tickets.

There were ten different locations along the Kids Discovery Tour and that allowed us to explore the museum and complete the tour. At the end you will visit the gift shop to receive a small souvenir. Our kids were given Baseball cards for participating.

baseball hall of fame in cooperstown ny
The Kids Discovery Tour is a great way to explore the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Locker Room Exhibit

The Locker Room exhibit has 30 Major League Baseball teams “locker” set up. Find your favorite team jersey and see photos, memorabilia, and more from your favorite baseball team. I think this was really neat because it was a recreation of what a real locker room looks like and the kids enjoyed finding their favorite teams.

History of Baseball Exhibits

After the locker room you will make your way through a few exhibits that show the history of baseball. Baseball is America’s sport. It is part of American history. At the History of Baseball exhibits you can learn more about why and how baseball has impacted American history through the years.

Pride and Passion: The African-American Baseball Experience

This was one of my favorite exhibits. It was so well done and started some important conversations with my kids about the role of race in this country, and in sports. The exhibit shares historical artifacts and stories of some of baseball’s most important players.

Women in Baseball Exhibit

Women’s history has such a huge impact on this countries timeline and women also played a big role in baseball. One of my all time favorite movies was A League of Their Own and I was excited to check out this exhibit.

In the Diamond Dreams exhibit you will learn about the powerful impact women had on the sport.

See the World Series Rings

There is nothing like getting and up close look at the World Series rings. They are sparkly and big and my kids loved picking their favorite ones. I couldn’t believe the size of some of them and it’s crazy to even think about the value of them!

Sandlot Kids’ Clubhouse

The Sandlot Kids’s Clubhouse is for designed for kids ages 4-10 and has activities, baseball books, and clips. It’s a cute area and the kids liked exploring in after walking through the museum.

The Baseball Hall of Fame has so many interesting things to see and do for families. It is a great addition to your Cooperstown visit, and we learned so much about the way baseball impacted American history.

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