Family Activities in Tucson with Kids that Everyone Will Enjoy

Tucson, Arizona is a great place for a family vacation and there are so many fun family activities. From the family friendly attractions, the hiking and outdoor activities, to the amazing food there are so many family activities in Tucson with kids.

Our visit to Tucson was part of our big Southwest road trip that took us from New Mexico to Arizona, and finally to California. Along the way we added a 24 hour visit to include family fun Tucson attractions.

We decided on Tucson because it’s location was perfect for our road trip, and there are so many attractions in Tucson with kids. It was an added bonus that the weather was perfect and a nice escape from the New York winter.

Tucson Attractions for Families

We started with this list of family attractions in Tucson and adjusted it to fit our itinerary, time in Tucson, and interests for this trip.

  • Saguaro National Park
  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
  • Colossal Cave Mountain Park
  • Old Tucson
  • Children’s Museum Tucson
  • Reid Park Zoo
  • Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch
  • Tucson Botanical Gardens
  • Biosphere 2
  • Pima Air & Space Museum

I wish we had more time in Tucson because there were so many places I wanted to visit that we didn’t have a chance to. Our visit was a taste of what Tucson has to offer and if we had more time we would have included more attractions.

Things to do in Tucson with Kids: 24 Hour Tucson Itinerary for Families

Tucson is located in Southeast Arizona. You know you have arrived as soon as the Saguaro Cactus start popping up.

I knew that we would see cactus, but I didn’t realize it is part of the landscape everywhere you go! I thought you had to visit the national park but we saw them everywhere!

It was exciting to see the different ones and to experience this as a family for the first time. The cactus may be the everyday scenery for the locals, but for us it was mesmerizing.

We drove from New Mexico into Arizona and had 24 hours to enjoy the best things to do in Tucson for families. There are so many fun things to do and we had to pick from an awesome list of attractions.

Day 1: Old Tucson & Dinner at HUB

  • Arrive at Old Tucson Arizona around 11:30 am.
  • Lunch at Old Tucson
  • Check into Hotel-Comfort Suites Tucson
  • Dinner at Hub

Day 2: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

  • Breakfast at Hotel/Check Out
  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
  • Leave for drive to Yuma Arizona

Stop 1: Old Tucson Studios

You won’t find many amusement parks in Tucson but you will find Old Tucson. Old Tucson is a working movie studio that continues to film movies to this day! You can also find the sets from some of your favorite western films.

Old Tucson takes you back to the Wild West and has entertaining shows, exhibits to explore, and a few family friendly rides to enjoy.

We arrived at Old Tucson at lunch time and headed over to Big Jake’s restaurant where we enjoyed BBQ and planned out our day.

lunch at old tucson
Lunch at Big Jake’s at Old Tucson.

Old Tucson has a daily schedule that gives you the shows and entertainment for the day. They have a gun fighting show, wild west movie tour, and a dancing show in the Saloon.

My kids enjoyed the tours and it helped that I showed them a few scenes from movies that were filmed there during our drive. We watched a clip of the Three Amigos and then they found the pictures and movie set during our visit.

This made it easier to relate. I also was really impressed with the staff at Old Tucson.

During the Old Tucson historic tour the tour guide was very kid friendly and understanding. It is a walking tour and can get hot and tiring for the kids, he was very kind and told us it was okay if the kids needed a break or to sneak away.

It is always reassuring as a parent to feel that the place you are visiting is family friendly.

old tucson arizona
Visiting a real movie studio at Old Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.

We watched the gun fight show which is a reenactment of The Hanged Man. Again the staff at Old Tucson were great and did an awesome job.

A word of caution-the show is based on the story of The Hanged Man and it involves a hanging that can be a bit intense for small children. We reminded the kids during the show that it was all pretend but it could be a bit scary for younger ones. Prepare the kids before you see it. Shows change seasonally at Old Tucson.

After the show we headed over to the ride area. Old Tucson has a train ride, antique cars, and a carousel that are included with your admission price. My favorite was the train ride. It takes guests on a ride around the grounds of Old Tucson and was a lot of fun. My kids also liked the antique cars because they got to drive!

old tucson in arizona
Games at Old Tucson.

Old Tucson is a great place to experience a bit of the Wild West and to see what life was like. Its a great educational experience for the kids and a fun place for all ages.

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Stop 2: Comfort Suites Tucson

Deciding where to stay in Tucson was a bit complicated for us because it is their busy season and many rooms were sold out or out of our budget. We only needed a room for the night and wanted something budget friendly, clean, and close to the attractions we were visiting.

We decided to stay at the Comfort Suites in Tucson because it met our criteria. It was a budget friendly hotel without many extras, but it offered a morning breakfast and worked for our short stay. If you are planning a longer visit I would look into some of the beautiful resorts and places to stay in Tucson.

Stop 3: HUB Tucson for Dinner and Dessert

One of my favorite ways to experience a city is to eat at local restaurants. I love learning more about the food culture and often we find delicious meals that you can’t enjoy anywhere else.

HUB restaurant and ice creamery gave us a delicious meal, family friendly space, and amazing dessert.

The HUB restaurant Tucson is amazing. Honestly as I write this I want to go back because the meal was so good. They have a kids menu that offers meals ranging from $4-$7 and the adult meals were reasonably priced as well. Everyone was really happy with their meal.

I was impressed with all the families around, and how kid friendly the HUB is. It is an excellent place to dine when visiting Tucson with kids.

After dinner we were completely stuffed, but we headed across the street to the HUB Ice Cream Factory to try the delicious home made options. With flavors like Oatmeal Cookie Dough, Mexican Wedding Cookie, and Coffee Swiss Almond you know it will not disappoint!

ice cream at HUB
Ice Cream at the HUB.

It did not! All of our ice cream was incredible and it was a great end to our first day in Tucson. From there we headed back to our hotel for the night.

Stop 4: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

We woke up early, had breakfast at the hotel, checked-out and headed to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I was really excited for this place because it is part botanical garden, part zoo, art museum, and aquarium. I couldn’t wait to explore it.

The museum grounds open early but all the exhibits open a bit later. Take this into consideration when planning your visit. There are many museums in Tucson but this museum is outstanding because there is something for everyone.

arizona sonora desert museum in tucson
Cactus Garden at Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

As soon as we arrived we were welcomed by the staff and explained a bit about the museum. We knew our time was limited to the morning so we decided to take the outer loop around the museum and experience what was there.

road runner in arizona

We met with a zoo keeper who taught us more about snakes, and we each touched it! We saw animals and cactus, and really appreciated the moment of being there. The kids were excited to see a road runner and I loved exploring the cactus garden. There is even a hummingbird area and a small aquarium to explore.

Our plans only allowed a few hours at the Arizona-Sonora Desert museum and if time allowed I would plan a full day. There is so much to do there and so much to see. Next time we would plan more time to explore and play with all the interactive exhibits.

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Tucson Attractions Vlog

I was so surprised how many things there are to do in Tucson with kids. We could have easily spent a few more days exploring the city. I wish we had more time to explore and take our time. Tucson, Arizona is a great place to visit with families and we can’t wait to go back soon.

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