Fairy Door Walk at Mendon Ponds Park Trail Outside of Rochester, NY

The Fairy Door Walk at Mendon Ponds Park Trail is the perfect place to explore any season of the year. It is a fairly easy walk that is great for the entire family.

If you are looking for a family fun hike in Rochester, NY you want to plan a visit to Mendon Ponds Park for the Birdsong Trail. It is a .8 mile loop trail with a few hills but is great for kids of all ages.

It is also the park trail that includes the fairy door walk.

We have lived in Rochester, NY for 13 years and it is one of our favorite places to visit. The fairy houses are fun to discover whether you are walking with young children or older kids.

fairy door walk at mendon pond park

Visiting Fairy Trails at Mendon Pond Park

  • The fairy houses are located throughout the trail. There is also a Discovery Center area as well as a Sensory Garden and WildWings.
  • The trail is located near the parking lot for WildWings. When planning directions put WildWings into your GPS.
  • There are picnic tables and other trails within Mendon Ponds Park that are worth checking out. We liked the Devil’s Bathtub which is under a mile walk but has a steep climb.

Read on for more on what you will see at the Fairy Door Walk Trail at Mendon Ponds Park.

Fairy Door Walk Outside Rochester, NY

When we first experienced the Fairy Door Walk it was part of a field trip for my kids school. It was also located at Tinker Nature Park. Tinker Nature Park is another great park trail to visit, but they removed the Fairy Door Walk to Mendon Ponds Park.

A little about Tinker Nature Park: Tinker Nature Park is a 1.2 mile hike that passes through a boardwalk surrounded by cotton tails and a pond, a nature center, a Touch Trail where they can touch fur of different animals, a marsh, and the fairy trail. At the end of the hike there is a playground and a pavilion with picnic benches.

Mendon Ponds Park is a great location for the fairy trail. There is a lot of space to explore and they are fun to find during the family friendly walk.

Fairy Trail at Mendon Ponds Park

The fairy trail is called Birdsong Trail and there is a space to feed the birds at the start of the trail. The trail also connects with Swamp Trail which in total makes this hike around 2 miles. If you prefer you can stick with the square trail that is 3/4 of a mile and has the majority of the fairy houses.

We visited on a mild winter day and it was a blast. Honestly winter is a perfect time to visit because there are less bugs and it gets you outside more.

I love the creative way they build the houses into the nature hike. Here are a few of my favorites.

Planning a Day at Mendon Ponds Park

We like to walk the fairy trail and include a visit to WildWings in our day to the park. In total there are 10 trails at Mendon Ponds Park. See the map here.

We will pack a lunch and spend the morning doing Birdsong Trail and Wild Wings then head over to Devil’s Bathtub for the short hike and a picnic. The park is the largest in Monroe County and families can spend the day visiting and exploring.

Medon Ponds Park is one of our favorite things to do in Rochester, NY.

Wild Wings at Mendon Ponds Park

Wild Wings is a birds of prey facility that rehabilitates and help animals in need. They have over 30 animals that can’t be released into the wild. They include a bobcat, owls, birds, and fox. There is not an admission fee to visit but they do accept donations.

Visiting Wild Wings is such a great addition to our time at the park.

wild wings at mendon ponds park

Planning a visit to Mendon Ponds Park to see the Fairy Trails is a great day trip in Rochester for families. I highly recommend visiting the park.

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