Unique Roadside Attraction in California: Cabazon Dinosaurs

Cabazon Dinosaurs is the perfect roadside attraction. It has lots of photo-ops and nostalgia. We added it as a stop during our Southwest road trip and it was a unique addition to our trip.

The first thing I knew about Cabazon Dinosaurs was that it was where Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and The Wizard was filmed. Both of these movies came out of the 80’s, and I was excited to take my family to this nostalgic roadside attraction in California.

Our Visit to the Unique Roadside Attraction: Cabazon Dinosaurs

In March of 2019 we planned an epic 9 day Southwest road trip that took us from New Mexico to California. We planned numerous stops along the way and Cabazon Dinosaurs was a perfect addition.

I wanted a roadside attraction that would only take up a little time and would give us all some fresh air and space to stretch our legs. Cabazon Dinosaurs offers both.

What is Cabazon Dinosaurs

Cabazon Dinosaurs is a unique roadside attraction located outside Palm Springs, California. It started in 1975 and has grown to be a fun destination for families driving through California.

There is the Cabazon Dinosaurs gift shop inside a Brontosaurus, dinosaur exhibits, a dinosaur dig area, fossil panning, and a chance to climb to the top of a T-Rex.

Where is Cabazon Dinosaurs

Cabazon Dinosaurs is located Northwest of Palm Springs. It is around 73 miles from Anaheim making it a possible day trip for families. The location address is 50770 Seminole Drive, Cabazon, CA 92230.

map of cabazon dinosaurs location
Map of Cabazon Dinosaurs.

Cabazon Dinosaurs Cost

  • Adults 13-54 $13.00
  • Children 3-12 $11.00
  • Seniors/Military $10.00
  • Prices are subjected to change and was updated 1/2/2020. Check latest prices here.

Our Visit to Cabazon Dinosaurs

We arrived a little before lunch time to start exploring Cabazon Dinosaurs and the first thing I noticed is how windy it is. This may be obvious to the local or a given based on all the windmills we passed but be prepared for it to be windy. I suggest packing a hat to keep your ears warm.

Our first stop on the visit was to head inside the Brontosaurus to check out the gift shop. Cabazon Dinosaurs gift shop is full of dinosaur novelties and souvenirs.

cabazon dinosaurs gift shop
The Cabazon Dinosaurs gift shop is located inside a dinosaur.

After the gift shop we took a few pictures of the outside T-Rex. This area is free of charge and may be a good choice if you are on a budget or have limited time.

Then we walked over to the dinosaur exhibit entrance, purchased our tickets, and started our self guided tour. The tour you purchase is called Mr. Rex’s Dinosaur Adventure and includes a climb inside the T-Rex, the dinosaur dig, and a walk through exhibit of the dinosaurs.

dinosaur tour at cabazon dinosaurs
Dinosaur along the path.

The fossil and gem panning is an additional cost and can be purchased inside the gift shop. There are two gift shops on property. One is in the Brontosaurus and the other is located near the entrance to Mr. Rex’s Dinosaur Adventure.

We didn’t pay the extra for the gem panning but the kids enjoyed the dinosaur dig. They received a small prize at the end of the tour because they found a dinosaur on their rocks. This is free with admission.

We made our way through the dinosaurs and to the main attraction…the T-Rex climb! This was a really unique experience.

You make your way up the winding stairs until you reach the mouth of the T-Rex. The area is cramped and may feel claustorphobic to some. We all did pretty well with it but didn’t stay long.

It was a cool view to look out through the teeth of the T-Rex and if you can make the climb it is a fun experience. Check out the video at the end of this post to see the climb.

After we made our way out of the T-Rex, we followed the path back where we began. The pathway ends in the gift shop and there are a few animatronic dinosaur exhibit inside.

Overall we really enjoyed our visit although it is a bit on the pricier side for a family of five. It was a well needed break from the drive and a unique experience climbing the T-Rex.

Tips for Your Visit to Cabazon Dinosaurs

  • Allow at least an hour to explore the area.
  • If you are on a tight budget you can visit the gift shop, inside the brontosaurs and take your picutre in front of the T-Rex for free.
  • If you want to climb to the top of the T-Rex and explore the grounds there is an admission fee.
  • The T-Rex Climb is a must see for first visits.

After our first visit I do not think we would pay again but I am happy we did it once. Cabazon Dinosaurs is a unique and fun roadside attraction in California that is fun for all ages.

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