7 Tips for Mini-Golf at CityWalk Universal Orlando

Universal’s CityWalk mini golf is a great non-park family fun activity. We enjoyed the fun themed mini-golf courses and ambiance at Hollywood Drive In Golf during our Orlando vacation.

When you are visiting Universal Orlando and taking a break from Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure playing some mini-golf is a great family activity to try.

My family loves finding unique mini-golf courses when we travel. It’s a fun way to spend time as a family and as the years have gone by the kids have improved their skills, and it has become fun for the entire family.

We first started mini-golfing long before they were old enough and it often ended up with the balls rolling into the wrong place. One time we had a ball go over the fence and down a street drain. Now that the kids are older and hopefully keeping the balls on the course, we have made a point to check out mini-golf when we travel.

CityWalk mini-golf has two fun courses and is perfect for a rest day activity when visiting the theme parks. It is a great mini-golf Orlando option that was fun for all ages.

Hollywood Drive in golf at Universal
Hollywood Drive In Golf at CityWalk

7 Tips Universal’s CityWalk Mini-Golf

Timing is Everything

If you want to have the place to yourselves- arrive early. We played early in the morning and it was low crowds. When all the crowds are headed to the park that is the best time to go. You also want to avoid the peak sun. During our visit in August we couldn’t golf during the afternoon due to the heat. There are very few shaded spots along the course.

Purchase the Two Course Package to Save Some Money

We purchase the two courses and saved a few dollars. The best thing about it is you can use your second course any time. They never expire. We only did one course during our visit and are saving it for our next visit. Make sure you keep your receipt somewhere you will remember, like a suitcase or wallet you travel with. You can also book online for 10% off.

Take Your Time

There are two courses at Hollywood Drive In Golf: Haunted and Sci-Fi. We did the Haunted one but both are really well themed. If you visit during a non-busy time, go slow and enjoy it. Take a lot of pictures and read all the fun signs and riddles. Also be sure to check out all the interactive elements throughout the course.

mini golf at universal orlando
Haunted Course at Hollywood Drive In

Parents…Don’t Golf

This may not work for all families but typically my husband and I don’t play. We will help the kids and walk the course but we don’t play. It saves us money, although some places have a non-golfer fee, and it allows us to focus on the kids. Plus 5 people golfing came take a lot of time and when it is busy it is a better option for us.

Stay Hydrated

This is Florida and it can get extremely hot pretty fast. Always stay hydrated and drink water as you play. Plan on visiting early in the day or late in the evening to avoid the high temps and direct sun.

Play the Riddle Scavenger Hunt

At the start of the game the attendant will ask if you would like to do the scavenger hunt. It is a free add on to mini-golf. We played and it was a fun game that has you answering riddles depending on the hole you are at. At the end you turn in your paper for a prize.

mini golf orlando
Fun clues to solve the riddles.

Keep Score…Or Don’t

There are times when we keep score and times when we don’t. If it gets a bit too competitive we like to play for fun and forget the scoring. If we do play for score we like to let the winner pick the next ride or attraction at the parks.

Mini golf at Universal is a great way to enjoy all of the fun at Universal Orlando. Add it to your next rest day for some family fun.

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Hollywood Drive In Mini Golf Universal Orlando Resort

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  1. I like how you mentioned that you don’t play as parents. Being able to save money while on vacation can be hard, but saving time is even more important. Imagine how long it would take my wife to swing and complete a min golf course makes me cringe. I would almost say the kids would beat her at the game.

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