10 Best Places to Take Pictures at Universal Orlando Resort

A family vacation wouldn’t be complete without some amazing pictures. I love taking pictures on our vacations and Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure have some great places to capture your family vacation moments. I’ve rounded up the best places to take pictures at Universal Orlando that you need to check out on your next visit to the parks.  

What’s Inside: A list of the best photo spots at Universal Orlando Resort. Plus: Our favorite place to take video at Wizarding World and a few bonus photo-ops.  

When we visit Universal Orlando we love to experience the attractions and meet the characters, but we also love to slow down and take in the parks. The theme of the lands are so impressive and I like to plan time to enjoy them.

Slowing down allows us to find some of the best photo spots at Universal Orlando. These are the places we stop at on our visits to capture the family memories and to really experience the awesome settings of the parks.

There are incredible photo spots at all of the Universal Orlando Resort, from Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure, and CityWalk, it is easy to capture all the best moments and have fun doing it.

10 Best Photo Spots at Universal Orlando Resort

#1 Hogwarts Express (Islands of Adventure, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter- Hogsmeade)

The Hogwarts Express is an iconic piece of the Harry Potter stories. Thankfully Universal has you covered. You don’t have to ride this attraction to get the picture. The photo-op is as you walk under the arches and enter Hogsmeade. At times you can also see the Conductor posing with guests.

#2 Jurassic Park Dinosaurs (Islands of Adventure, Jurassic Park)

As you walk through the Jurassic Park area there are a few places where the dinosaurs are coming out of the trees. It is a great place to take your picture. There is also a spot where you enter the Jurassic Park gates. If you arrive early you can get a picture under it.

# 3 Jaws (Universal Studios)

Jaws: The Ride is no longer at Universal Studios but the park kept a place for fans to get a photo with the infamous shark. When you are walking towards The Wizarding World you will find it down the path near the Chez Alcatraz restaurant. It is along the water. Always ask a Universal Team Member if you can’t find it. They are always very helpful.

#4 Gringotts Dragon(Universal Studios, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Diagon Alley)

Unique Photo-Ops at Universal Orlando Resort

Diagon Alley gets super busy so it will be tough to get a picture without lots of people in the background. We managed to get a picture at night. If you are really lucky you will see the dragon breathing fire.

#5 ZAX by Pass(Islands of Adventure, Seuss Landing)

If you are a fan of Dr. Seuss you know that the Zax were both too stubborn to move. They stood there while the roads were built around them. You can find this area as you enter Seuss Landing. Take the path behind Green Eggs and Ham eatery. Bonus: Look closely at the lake in the center of the park and you can find some Sneetches too!

#6 Horton’s Egg(Islands of Adventure, Seuss Landing)

Horton sat on that egg and was faithful 100%. You can too! We found this behind the Cat in the Hat gift shop. Take a left out the side door. You can also find it by taking the path to the right when you enter Seuss Landing.

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#7 Hogwarts Castle (Islands of Adventure, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Hogsmeade)

This is the picture you have to get if you are a Harry Potter fan. I found the best time to get it is early in the morning. Walk to the back of Hogsmeade and you will see the castle. Go to your left to cross the bridge to Jurassic Park. Before crossing over take your picture. We were lucky enough to have a Universal Team Member help us. Always ask, they are more then happy to help.

#8 Truffula Trees (Islands of Adventure, Seuss Landing)

Unique Photo-Ops at Universal Orlando Resort

I am a big fan of The Lorax and walking through a Truffula Tree forest was awesome. The colors at Seuss Landing bring the books to life. This is directly in front of the Seuss Carousel.

#9 Speech Bubbles(Islands of Adventure, Toon Lagoon)

This is more for the adults in your family but the kids had fun with it too! They have all different speech bubbles you can stand under and laugh about. I have to say my favorite was the vacation one!

#10 Moe’s Tavern(Universal Studios, Springfield U.S.A)

Unique Photo-Ops at Universal Orlando Resort

This is another one for the adults but if you are a Simpson fan you have to pose for a drink at Moe’s Tavern. This entire land really brings you into the world of The Simpsons. My husband is a huge fan and we loved exploring all the different areas.

There are really so many places to explore and take your picture at the Simpson’s area of the park but this is a favorite.

Bonus Video: Platform 9 3/4 (Universal Studios, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Kings Cross)

This is not a photo-op it is a video-op. I had to add it because it was so fun! Harry Potter fans know that the only way to board the Hogwarts Express is to take platform 9 3/4. At Universal Studios you can!!

Located in Hogsmeade you walk through the platform to board the train. (You need a park-to-park ticket to experience this.) Make sure you stop and let your group go ahead to get the full effect of walking through the platform.

We are planning on visiting Universal Orlando again this year and I hope to find a few more unique photo-ops to share with you.

More Photo-Ops at Universal:

  • Universal Globe
  • Islands of Adventure Tower
  • Surf Board at CityWalk
  • Duff Man at Universal Studios
  • Mystery Machine at Universal Studios
  • Fantastic Four Car at Islands of Adventure
  • Hulk Roller Coaster at Islands of Adventure

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  1. Ride The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride. It moves slowly, and gives a great opportunity for aerial shots of the park, as well as having a few hidden scenes you can only see from the high vantage point.

    • That is a great one!! We love to ride that to slow down and take in all the special details of the park. I love the Sneetches on the Beaches!!


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