10 Can’t Miss Things to Do at Hersheypark

Are you visiting Hersheypark and want know what you can’t miss. This guide to the best things to do at Hersheypark will help you plan your day at the sweetest theme park.

When visiting any amusement park I always want to know what there is to do before I enter the park. This list of the best things to do at Hersheypark will help you plan your day and includes all of the most popular rides and attractions at the park.

My first ever visit to Hersheypark was in 2004. My husband and I spent the weekend at Hersheypark Springtime in the Park.

Fast forward 14 years later and we visited with our family of five. I couldn’t believe that it was 14 years to the date that my husband and I had our first Hersheypark visit.

In the last 4 years we have visited Hersheypark multiple times. We have stayed on-site at the Hershey Lodge, The Hotel Hershey, and the Hershey Campgrounds.

We have experienced Hersheypark in the Dark for Halloween and Hershey Christmas Candylane during the holidays.

With multiple visits we have discovered the can’t miss things to do at Hersheypark. These are the things we do each and every time we visit the Hershey theme park.

hersheypark entrance

What to Do at Hersheypark

Hersheypark has awesome roller coasters, a rich history of rides, a water park, seasonal events, kiddie rides, and shares a parking lot with Hershey’s Chocolate World.

The food at Hershey is also on the list because of the sweet treats and family favorites. Hershey’s Chocolate World is also right next door and you might want to include a visit.

10 Things to do at Hersheypark with Kids

Ride Laff Trakk

The first thing we ride on every visit is Laff Trakk. It is a fun house themed indoor roller coaster. With a height of 42 inches, all of us can ride and it has become a family favorite.

When you arrive at Hersheypark I suggest starting with Laff Trakk because it can get long lines through the day. We rode it 3x in a row because we were one of the first to arrive.

Be prepared to walk because Laff Trakk is at the very end of the park. Starting here works for us and then we work our way back to the front of the park.

During the Halloween ride it in the dark. During Christmas they add holiday lights! This is our favorite ride at Hersheypark and we make sure we ride it every visit!

Laff Trakk is a family favorite thing to do at Hersheypark.
Laff Trakk is one of our favorite attractions at Hersheypark.

Meet Characters at Hersheypark

A visit to Hersheypark wouldn’t be complete without meeting KISS or Hershey. We have also met Reese and KitKat. If you are visiting during Halloween or Christmas you will see them dressed up for the season.

Often you will find them around the carousel and typically the lines are short. You can also meet them near the ZooAmerica entrance. Check the Hersheypark app to find times and locations.

Photo Courtesy of Hersheypark

Animals at Hersheypark

If you have an animal lover in your family you can walk over to ZooAmerica. A visit to ZooAmerica is included in your Hersheypark admission ticket. It is a small zoo but a nice quiet place to walk around in the afternoon.

We enjoyed the quieter pace and it was a break from the action of the theme park.

There is also a water show called Our Friends from the Sea. Featuring the seals Bumper and Mango, this is a great place to take a break from walking the park.

Hersheypark zooamerica entrance
ZooAmerica is included in your Hersheypark admission.

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Lunch at Chickie & Pete’s

It is always about the food for us and we have two favorites when we visit the parks. The first is Chickie & Pete’s. You will find two Chickie & Pete’s locations inside the park.

One is near The Boardwalk entrance and the other is in Pioneer Frontier.

If you do anything at Hersheypark you must try the fries! I cannot recommend this place enough. They have burgers and chicken fingers but we go for the Crabfries. Fries are perfectly acceptable for lunch on vacation…right??!!

chickie and petes at hersheypark
Chickie and Pete’s Fries are a can’t miss thing to do at Hersheypark.

Try a King Sized Shake

When in Hershey you have to enjoy something sweet. There are so many options for sweet treats inside the park but our all time favorite is the Kind Sized Shake.

The King Sized Shake at Simply Chocolate doesn’t disappoint. With many different flavors and options this is a great treat to share…if you can pick only one!!

king size shake at hersheypark

Awesome Roller Coasters

Hersheypark is home to some epic roller coasters. In 2020 Canymonium opened and is the tallest and fastest coaster in the park.

In 2023 Wildcat’s Revenge reopened as a hybrid steel/wood coaster. This has received great reviews and should be one of the first attractions you ride during your visit.

We also like The Comet and the Trailblazer. They are great for kids that aren’t tall enough for the really big coasters but still enjoyable for the entire family.

Trailblazer at Hersheypark

Rides for Everyone of All Ages

Hersheypark is an all ages park because it has a mix of thrill rides and kiddie rides. The best part is they are close together.

When we visit theme parks we like to stick together. I don’t want to split our family up.

I love that there are rides for everyone spread throughout the park. There are kiddie rides and bigger rides in most areas so you don’t have to split your family up for too long.

Enjoy the Special Seasonal Events

The seasonal events at Hersheypark are really worth your time. Halloween at Hersheypark includes a family-fun event as well as a much scarier Dark Nights for older kids and adults.

During the holidays Hersheypark Christmas Candylane has the park decorated in lights with special meet and greets with Santa and holiday themed shows.

Make Reservations at the Chocolatier

The Chocolatier is located outside Hersheypark entrance in Hershey Chocolatetown. Menu options include chocoalte infused appetizers and entrees.

This is a great place to go if you want to sit down and take a break from the park. Reservations are recommend most times of the year.

Ride the Historical Attractions

The carrousel at the entrance of Hersheypark is a historical ride dating back to park open. You do not need to ride this first but be sure to include it in your visit.

Take time to ride the monorail that gives guests an overhead view of the park. We also really enjoyed the Coal Cracker which is an old-fashioned log flume ride that everyone loved!

Things to Know for Your Hersheypark Visit:

  • Hersheypark is huge. Be ready to walk and become familiar with the park map before you arrive. This will save you from walking back and forth. You can check out the map here.
  • Order tickets online before you arrive. This saves you time waiting for tickets in the morning.
  • Check your kids heights before you enter the park and plan your day based on what attractions are best for your family.
  • Use the Hersheypark App to check wait times, ride closures, and height requirements.
  • There is a full water park called The Boardwalk. This is located inside Hersheypark. The Boardwalk is open seasonally for the summer. Learn more here.

Hersheypark Itinerary

I prefer going into a park visit with a plan even though ride closures, crowd levels, and unforeseen things may change it. It is flexible but allows us to see all of our must do’s at the park.

Arrive at the park at least 30 minutes before official park opening. If you are staying at a Hershey resort and have early admission arrive 30 minutes before that time.

This will allow you to be one of the first guests into the park and save you time waiting in lines.

You want to ride the most popular rides before lunch time. They are Candymonium, Wildcat’s Revenge, Laff Trakk, and Reese’s Cupfusion. I would suggest Candymonium first since it is directly next to the park entrance.

Then I would do the next ride that is a priority to my family. If everyone wants to ride Wildcat’s Revenge that is where I would go.

After the park has been open for an hour or so begin checking the wait times on the app to decided your next step. I will continue this for the rest of the day and try to head to attractions that do not have long lines and wait times.

Usually after lunch we will head back to the resort for a break and return to the parks for dinner and evening hours. The evening hours are usually less busy.

With so many things to do at Hersheypark you and your family will need the entire day to explore but a break will help you get through the day.

Be sure to include the best things to do at Hersheypark that works for your family. This will help you have an awesome day at Hersheypark.

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