Creative Writing for Kids: 40 Fun Writing Prompts from Disney Movies

Are you home with your kids and looking for a fun way to learn at home? These ideas for creative writing for kids, themed to Disney movies, are an engaging way to make writing fun by adding a little Disney magic!

Writing is a passion of mine and that is one of the reasons I started Five for the Road. I wanted to write and share my ideas. Writing allows you to express yourself in a different way.

When I entered college I wanted to be a writer. I took a detour and became a teacher. This allowed me to share my love of writing with kids. My favorite part of teaching was creating writing topics for kids that could let their creativity shine.

As our day to day life is changing I wanted to come up with some ways to incorporate our love of Disney with our new normal of being home. I wanted to share these creative writing ideas for kids that you can incorporate into your day to day life and have fun learning more about your kids.

Creative Writing for Kids: Disney Movie Writing Prompts

Disney Movies are some of the best creative writing out there. The stories and characters are engaging and we love watching them as a family. Most of the movies on this list can be found on Disney+. For more ideas and movies check out 50 Disney+ Movies and TV Shows to Watch in 2020.

The Incredibles

  • Pick a character from the movie and write about a challenge they faced and how they overcame it.
  • Create a new Super. Write details about where they live, what they like to do, and what powers and weakness they have.
  • Create a new Villain. Write with details about where they live, what they like to do, and what powers and weakness they have. Draw a picture to go with your descriptions.
  • Take it one step further and create a story with your new Super and Villain. You can tailor the expectations to the ages of your kids. Older children can write more, younger children can write less.

Frozen 2

  • In the popular song “Into the Unknown” Elsa has to face something that scares her. She doesn’t know what she might face. What challenges did Elsa have to face? What did she learn from facing her fears?
  • Have you ever done something you were afraid of? What was scary about it? Did you learn from it?
  • Create a fiction story that faces an unknown adventure. Your story should have a main character, a problem they face, and a solution.

Pixar UP

  • Create My Next Adventure Book. Research places to visit and pick a few to add to your book. Draw a picture of your place and write a paragraph on each page about why you would like to visit these places. This can be a weekly activity that you can add to.
  • Choose a character from the story and discuss their characteristics. What are they like? How do they add to the story?
  • Talk about overcoming adversity. How does Carl take a sad situation and move on from it? What helps him do this?


  • What makes your family special?
  • What are some family traditions you and your family do?


  • Dumbo feels like he needs his feather to fly. Is there something you have that you need to get through challenges? Why do you need it? What would happen if you didn’t have it?
  • Dumbo was teased because of his ears, but his differences made him special. Create a character that is different and write a story about how their differences made them special.

Robin Hood

  • Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. He was doing something wrong but for good reasons. Do you think it is okay to do this? What could he have done differently to help the poor?


  • Merida argues with her mother about what her life should be. Write about a time you argued with your parents. Why do you think you were right? How did you work together to come to an agreement?

Finding Nemo

  • Nemo gets separated from his father. Has that ever happened to you? What did it feel like? Were you scared? Did you know what to do? What would you do if you were lost?


  • Wall-E is themed around how our actions impact the planet. Pick a topic that you can do to help the planet. Create a poster that inspires others to help your cause. Use persuasive writing and facts to support your argument.
  • Wall-E collects things he finds interesting. Do you have a collection? Why do you collect that item? What makes it special to you?


  • Rapunzel always had a positive outlook on her circumstances. She made the best of a tough situation. Work together or by yourself to make a list of all the things you could do if you were in Rapunzel’s situation.


  • Moana followed her dreams and went against the wishes of her parents. Do you think she made the right choice? Why or Why Not?
  • Close your eyes and think about what your big dreams are. Nothing is too big. Write them down. Pick one to expand on. How can you make this dream happen. What steps do you need to take to make this dream come true.
  • Use this post, Lessons Learned from Moana, to talk more about the story.
Lessons Learned for Disney's Moana

A Bug’s Life

  • In A Bug’s Life Flik keeps trying to do the right thing but ends up making mistakes and not be honest. Have you ever told a lie to help someone? Do you think that is the right thing to do in some situations? Should you always be honest no matter what?

Inside Out

  • Inside Out shows the different characteristics of Riley with different islands inside her head. Choose five characteristics about yourself. Make a poster of the five islands that represent you.

Toy Story

  • In Toy Story the toys come to life! Create an adventure story about what your toys would do if they came to life one day. Pick one or two of your toys to be the main characters on your adventure.
  • Woody and Buzz Lightyear are best friends and go through good and bad times. Do you have a best friend? Have you ever had a problem that you had to solve? How did you solve it?


  • Create your own restaurant. What type of restaurant would you have? What food would they serve? Draw a picture of the front entrance. What is the best dish on the menu?
  • Remy was a rat but he didn’t let that stop him from becoming a chef. Have you ever been told you couldn’t do something? What was it? How did you overcome it?

Lilo & Stitch

  • Lilo and Stitch are always getting into mischief. Create a new adventure for Lilo & Stitch. Where would they go? What would they do? The story should have setting, beginning, middle, and end.

Pixar Shorts

  • Knick-Knack- Write about a souvenir you picked up from when you traveled. Why did you choose it? What do you like about it?
  • Sanjay’s SuperTeam- What family traditions do you do at your house? Are they something you celebrate daily, monthly, yearly? Why are they important to you?
  • La Luna-What is something you do as a family to work together? Do you have family chores? Do you help each other?
  • Bao – Bao has some strong emotions. How do you think the mom in the story is feeling? How do you think the son is feeling?
  • Day & Night- If you could only see the day or night, what would you choose? Why would you choose it? What would you do?

Monsters Inc.

  • In Monsters Inc. Mike and Sulley had to find a new way to do things. What is something we do that you would like to change? It could be something in the government, world, or even at home. How would you change things?


  • Mulan was courageous and did something that could get her in a lot of trouble. Have you ever done something your felt was right but was breaking the rules?

The Princess and the Frog

  • Tiana has big dreams and works hard to get there, despite setbacks. What have you worked hard for despite all the challenges? What problems did you face? How did you overcome them.
  • Tiana lives as a frog. What animal would you like to live as? How would you spend your days? What animal would you not want to live as? Why?

Big Hero 6

  • In Big Hero 6 they are inventors and create amazing ideas. What idea do you have for an invention? What would it do? How would it help people?

These creative writing for kids ideas are a fun way to learn more about your kids and enjoy Disney storytelling. Check out more activities to do with your kids at home in this article, How to Create Your Own Summer Camp.

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