What to Know About Visiting Iceland in June

Iceland in June is a great time to visit. With longer daylight hours and travel conditions being optimal, a June visit to Iceland is the perfect time for a family visit.

We had our first international family vacation last summer where we visited Iceland, London, and Paris. It was a great trip but I really didn’t know what to expect for our Iceland part of the vacation.

I really had no idea what it would be like to visit Iceland anytime of year and there were a few things that are specific to the month of June that you should know for your trip.

3 Things to Know About Visiting Iceland in June

  • It doesn’t get dark during the summer months. We had 2 hours between sunset and sunrise during our visit. The long daylights hours allow a lot of time to explore.
  • Weather is unpredictable and you should dress for all seasons. Layers are your best bet.
  • June is a beautiful time to visit Iceland but don’t expect to see the Northern Lights. It doesn’t really get dark enough in Iceland to fully experience the Northern Lights.

Want more details? Read on about everything you should know about visiting Iceland in June.

puffin boat tour in june in iceland
Seeing the Puffins during our June visit to Iceland was a highlight of the trip.

June Weather in Iceland

The average temperature in June is around 49 degrees (F) to 59 degrees (F). It can go from sunny and mild to windy and cloudy. I was surprised how quickly the weather changed during our visit.

It is not rainy season during June but do not rule it out. There were times when we were walking around Reykjavik and it would lightly rain, almost a mist, then be sunny an hour later.

This is why it is very important to pack layers. I share some suggested items below.

In June the average high temperature doesn’t typically get above 70 but it can vary. On our visit the week before (mid-June) had temperatures in the 70 but when we arrived it was in the 40s with lows in the 30s.

Iceland weather can vary for the month of June and my best advice it to expect a mixed bag for weather conditions.

The perfect time to visit is always when you can make the trip happen.

Late June will have warmer temperatures than early June but, I think June in Iceland is an ideal time to plan an Iceland vacation.

Another question I received was about volcanic activity. Volcanic eruptions used to be less common prior to 2021 but in the last few years there has been activity almost monthly.

On our departure day from Iceland there was an eruption but it did not disrupt our travel. Be prepared that it can. The smoke can often cause flight delays as well as cause evacuations for residence.

This is not something you need to be overly concerned about but keep in mind when you are traveling.

Can I see the Northern Lights in Iceland in June?

Not usually. Due to the almost 24/7 light hours it does not get dark enough in Iceland in June to see the Northern Lights (also known as Aurora Borealis).

From mid-June through the summer solstice and end of June there is 24 hours of day. This is known as the midnight sun. The sun does not set until after 12:00am.

We experienced this and it was an interesting feeling that I didn’t expect. I thought you would go to sleep and wouldn’t notice, but we really did feel the impact of the 24 hour daylight hours.

Because of this June would not be a great time to visit Iceland if you wanted to see the Northern Lights. Otherwise I thought it was great!

northern lights movie at perlan
Although we didn’t get to see the actual Northern Lights we were able to learn more about them during our visit to the Perlan Museum.

What to Wear in Iceland

I suggest layers! We spent most of our time walking around. We didn’t have a rental car and we had planned outside activities most of our days.

It was the best time walking around exploring the culture of Iceland and I was happy we had layers.

We packed a light jacket, hat, gloves, and layers to stay warm. I would say the weather is comparable to Rochester, NY(where we live) in March or April. You can have some 60 degree days but most of the time it is 40/50 range and chilly.

what to wear in iceland in june
To be honest, I did not pack the best way for Iceland. We were visiting multiple countries and tried to pack light. I had 2 pairs of pants on, 2 hoodies, and a hat. I wish I would have packed gloves and a light jacket but for packing purposed we did not.

Fun Things to Do in Iceland in June

We had 2 nights in Iceland so we didn’t leave the city of Reykjavik. If we had more time I would explore a few of the suggestions below.

Drive Around the Golden Circle

June in Iceland is a great time to visit because the temperature is a bit milder than the winter months. It is easy to navigate and drive around because of the milder weather conditions, but be prepared for anything in Iceland.

The weather can change very quickly. During the winter months some roadways are closed to tourist so if you are planning on driving around Iceland plan a visit in the summer months(June-August).

Driving around the Golden Circle is a great thing to do if you are spending more than a few days in Iceland. A road trip around the Golden Circle includes geysers, waterfalls, and natural wonders.

If you don’t have a car consider booking a guided tour of The Golden Circle.

See the Wildlife in Iceland

In June it is also Puffin season. From May through mid-August you can see Puffins migrating to the island. They are not found in the city of Reykjavik but guests can take a tour to see them.

We partnered with Special Tours to experience the Puffin Express. It was one of the best things we did during our limited time in Iceland.

It is also whale watching season during the summer months.

Spend Time Explore the Reykjavik

For our trip to Iceland in June we focused our time on exploring Reykjavik. We didn’t have a car so once we arrived at the Hotel Odinsve we spent time walking around.

I thought Reykjavik was one of the best places for our first visit to Iceland. The long days provided endless hours of daylight and we felt safe walking around as a family.

During our visit we did a Puffin Boat tour, tried an Icelandic Hot Dog, visited Hallgrímskirkja, and more. Check out our full Iceland itinerary.

Most of the things we did were outdoor activities but we did plan an afternoon at the Perlan museum.

If you only have a short visit consider spending time in one spot and really enjoying that part of Iceland. I would love to go back and see more but for this trip I was happy we planned it this way.

sunlight hour are 24 hours a day during iceland in june
This was 3:00am as we walked to the bus that would take us back to the airport.

A Few More Ideas for Your Trip to Iceland

  • Drive to the Black Sand Beaches
  • Plan a trip to Geothermal Pools, Natural Hot Springs, or the famous Blue Lagoon
  • Drive Around Ring Road or book a tour. | The fire and ice tours will have guests seeing glaciers, water falls, and volcanoes on these tours. The tours are different durations and you should choose the one that works best for your trip. Road conditions are much better during the summer months if you decide to drive yourself.
  • Icelandic Horse Riding Tour through Lava Fields. Horseback riding has age restrictions so be sure to read the fine print before booking.
  • Hafnarfjörður Viking Festival runs annually mid-June.
  • Icelandic National Day is June 17th. If you are visiting around that time consider attending a festival to learn more about Icelandic culture and traditions.

Helpful Items We Had on Our Trip (Amazon Affiliate Links)

Overall June in Iceland is a great time of year to visit if you are looking to explore more of the outside wonders without worrying about incremental weather.

The 24 hours of sunlight provides a perfect opportunity to explore the best of Iceland. I would definitely recommend a June visit for families planning their Iceland trip.

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