New York to Florida Road Trip Itinerary

Planning a New York to Florida road trip itinerary is a great alternative to flying. We’re sharing our tips for planning a road trip to Florida from New York state.

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Planning a New York to Florida road trip can be a great alternative to flying. It can save you money, allow you to discover new places in the United States, as well as create some awesome family memories.

We love planning a big family road trip and like to plan one a year. When the kids were small our first one was a New York to Myrtle Beach Road Trip.

Through the years we have gone on a Tennessee Road Trip and a Southwest Road Trip.

Each has created some of our favorite family travel memories as a family.

In 2020 road trips became the best way for us to travel as a family. We did a short road trip to Mystic Connecticut.

As we started planning our 2021 trips, we knew we wanted to head south to our favorite family destination: Orlando, Florida.

We are a huge Walt Disney World and Universal family. We visit yearly and decided that driving would be the best way to go.

Once we finalized that we were going to drive we needed to figure our the distance from New York to Florida by car, how many days does it take to drive to Florida from New York, and where do we want to stop from New York to Florida.

How Far is New York from Florida

It takes 17 hours and 47 minutes to drive from New York to Florida, or 1,146 miles. This depends on where in Florida you are going and where in New York State you start.

For our trip we went from Rochester, New York to Orlando, Florida. This brought our driving time to 19 hours and 2 minutes or 1,220 miles.

map for distance from new york to florida

How Many Days Does it Take to Drive from FL to NY

If you have multiple drivers you can drive from NY to FL in one very long day.

This depends on how long you can sit in a car, ages of your kids, and your desire to arrive as quickly as possible.

Typically people take a day and a half to drive to Florida.

Does Driving to Florida from New York Save Money

Driving from Florida to New York can save you money depending on the time of year, how many people are traveling with you, and how long it will take you.

If you have a large group driving will probably save you money. If you have a small group and are short on time you may want to consider flying.

I suggest pricing out flying and driving to see what is best. Be sure to consider meals during the drive, gas prices, and hotel stays.

Stops on a Road Trip from New York to Florida

We enjoy adding new states to our 50 States Challenge, so we start a road trip plan with looking at a map and thinking about where we want to visit.

There are three ways to go when driving from Rochester to Orlando. You can go towards Pittsburgh, Cleveland, or Hershey.

The drive time will vary between 18 and 19 hours but this is dependent on traffic. The difference is very small in real time.

Depending on where you may want to stop on your drive can help you determine which way to go. Once you decide you will need to decide how much you would like to drive each day and where you would like to stop.

If we are driving a full day we will pack snacks and lunch (Read this for ideas: Road Trip Food List for an Awesome Family Road Trip) and then plan an hour stop for dinner at an interesting place.

An hour stop to stretch and eat can recharge everyone, and make it easier to drive a bit longer.

This has gotten easier as our kids have gotten older. When they were younger we needed to plan more bathroom breaks and times to stretch.

road trip food from ny to fl
Packed lunch on the way down to Florida is not glamourous, but it saved time and money on the road.

NY to FL Road Trip Itinerary

The great thing about this NY to FL road trip itinerary is you can do it both ways. If you are traveling on a Florida to New York road trip you can use our itinerary too.

Road Trip Itinerary from New York to Florida

  • Day 1: Rochester, NY to Chambersburg, PA (5 Hours and 9 minutes) Hotel Options
  • Day 2: Chambersburg, PA to Brunswick, GA (10 hours and 19 minutes) Hotel Options
  • Day 3: Brunswick, GA to Orlando, Florida (3 hours and 17 Minutes) Hotel Options

These times are from google maps but plan on adding time for stops. We have become very efficient in our stops and usually pack most of our meals.

Our stops are to refuel and use the restroom and then we keep moving.

Road Trip Itinerary from Florida to New York

On the way home we took less time. I didn’t love where we stayed but it was fine for one night. As much as I love adding stops, our goal was to get home and it was a lot of driving.

  • Day 1: Orlando, Florida to Fredericksburg, VA (11 Hours and 26 Minutes)
  • Day 2: Fredericksburg, VA to Rochester, NY ( 7 Hours and 14 Minutes)

Our Road Trip Itinerary from Rochester, NY to Orlando, FL

Day 1: We decided to leave Tuesday afternoon and start our drive down to Orlando, Florida. We packed the car with sub sandwiches for dinner and made the 5 hour drive to Chambersburg, PA. Around 8:45pm we checked in to the Springhill Suites for the night.

Day 2: Day 2 was going to be our longest driving day but I was really excited for our stop at Driftwood Beach in Georgia. We stayed in Brunswick, GA, ate dinner at Willie Jewels BBQ, and drove to Jekyll Island.

Jekyll Island is a little under an hour drive and the last thing we wanted to do was get back in the car but I had heard so many amazing things about Driftwood Beach and we were so close.

We had to make a point to visit.

I am so happy we did because walking about the beach and watching the sunset was a great way to end the day. After our visit we headed to the Fairfield Inn for the night.

Day 3: We slept in until 7:00am and then started our drive to Orlando, FL. We wanted to stop at Buc-ees and arrive at Universal for lunch.

Our first stop was Buc-ees. Buc-ees is a gas stations/food stop but if you have visited one you know it is so much more.

They have food options, merchandise, and very clean bathrooms making it a great stop during a road trip.

I suggest trying the Beaver Nuggets and give yourself a bit of time to explore the store. There are a lot of fun options here.

bucees new york to florida road trip

After Buc-ees we drove the rest of the way to check in at the Hard Rock Hotel Orlando. This hotel is within walking distance to the Universal Orlando theme parks. Read our Review: Hard Rock Hotel Orlando Review

Day 4-10: We spent the next week at Universal. Check out this article about the Best Things to Do at Universal Orlando Resort. We also checked into Universal’s Endless Summer Resort: Dockside for most of our stay after our 2 night stay at Hard Rock.

Day 11: Our drive home started very early with a 4:15am wake up call. We were on the road by 4:50am and started our long day of driving to Fredericksburg, VA. This was a really long day in the car and the traffic and weather were not great.

We were very happy to arrive at our hotel. We stayed at the Hampton Inn. It was fine for the night but it was in need of an update.

Day 12: On our last day we had a little over 7 hours to drive. We grabbed breakfast at the hotel and started our drive. After a long trip we were ready to get home.

Driving from New York to Florida is a great option to consider when flying is not an option. It is a relatively easy drive and allows you to see some great places along the way.

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