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Frontier Airlines is a budget friendly no frills airline. There are pros and cons to flying Frontier Airlines, and it depends on what you prioritize when flying to decide if it is a good fit for you. Read on for our experience and review of flying Frontier airlines.

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For a few years I had been scanning the prices of Frontier airlines for our family of five. I knew they had great deals for travel but I wasn’t sure if they would be a good fit for our family.

I don’t really know why I was worried about flying with Frontier airlines. Through the years I had heard rumors that people had terrible experiences but not specifics. I also wondered how such a inexpensive flight could be safe.

During my searches I saw that Frontier was starting non-stop flights from our home airport in Rochester, NY to our favorite place to visit Orlando, FL. We like to travel a few times a year to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando and the non-stop flights piqued my interest in flying Frontier.

I asked around to other travel bloggers and friends, and learned most of them had positive things to say about flying Frontier airlines. With that I decided to book our first trip with Frontier and found there are definitely pros and cons to flying with Frontier and it may not be for everyone.

flying frontier airlines review

Pros and Cons of Flying Frontier Airlines

Flying Frontier has its pros and cons. I think some people will find it is easy and saves them money, while others expect more from their inflight experience. There is no wrong answer and you have to do what works for you.

Pros to Flying Frontier Airlines

  • Flight Cost: Frontier runs promos weekly that offer up to 80% off. I have seen flights as low as $38.00 one-way.
  • Kids Fly Free: Members of the Discount Den club offers kids fly free on select days.
  • Non-Stop flights to certain destinations.

Cons to Flying Frontier Airlines

  • Bags, Seats, Extras are not included in price.
  • No snack or drink service on flight. It is available for purchase.
  • Cancelations/Delays due to small amount of daily flight options.

The pros and cons of flying Frontier match up pretty evenly but if I had to sum up my personal opinion of flying with Frontier it would be this.

The cost ($318.00 Roundtrip for 5 of us) outweighed the cons of not purchasing bags or our seats. We did run into delays but again the cost of the flight was a huge factor in our decision to fly Frontier.

If you want my full experience scroll down to the end of this article where I go into details on our experience. Below are a few FAQ’s about flying Frontier.

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What is Frontier Airlines Like

Frontier is a budget friendly no frills airline. The seats are not very spacious but they seemed typical of an economy flight. They do not offer in-flight snacks or drinks and also do not have WiFi. Snack and drinks are available to purchase.

When booking your flight, bags and seat assignment are not included. If you would like to pick your seat and check luggage you will need to pay an extra fee for each.

The prices for bags/seats vary depending on the flight. There is also an option to get “the works” at time of booking. This includes your seat assignment, one checked bag, as well as no fee cancellation policy. More information can be found here.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Size

There are three categories to Frontier Airlines baggage size. Personal item is included with your flight. Carry On and Check require an add-on price. They are:

  • Personal Item: 8″D X 18″W X 14″H (Must Fit Under the Seat. We used this bag.)
  • Carry On Bag: 10″D X 16″W X 24″H< 35 lbs (Prices start at $45.00)
  • Checked Bag: 62 Linear Inches< 40 LBS (Prices start at $40.00)
frontier airlines baggage space

Frontier Airlines Safety Ratings

Frontier Airlines is certified by the FAA and has never had a fatal crash. This article goes into more details.

Kids Fly Free on Frontier Flights

Kids Fly Free is a huge perk to the Discount Den members that children under 15 can fly free with a paying adult. This allowed us to have 2 kids fly free on our most recent flight.

When you are searching for flights the Kids Fly Free banner will be on the price if it is available. You must be a Discount Den member to take advantage of this offer. It is worth comparing prices of joining even if you will only use it for this flight. Details here.

Our Experience Flying Frontier Airlines

I wanted to share my personal opinion on flying Frontier Airlines because I think it gets more bad reviews that it should. We planned a quick visit to Orlando at the end of March 2022. It was during spring break and many airlines were encountering delays.

Our flight to Orlando was supposed to depart at 7:30 but didn’t depart until around 9:55. It was disappointing to arrive so late into Orlando (around 1:00am) and many of the car rental places had very long lines.

We were exhausted and it delayed our early morning start time at Universal Studios the following day. With that being said many flights were delayed due to weather.

We did want to stick to a budget for this trip to Universal Orlando so we did not purchase anything extra. We explained to the kids that we may not be seated together. This was a risk we were willing to take and might not be a great fit for every family. I suggest talking as a family before making this decision.

I was a little nervous about this but was hopeful at least the kids would be seated together and if we didn’t like it we wouldn’t fly with them again.

As soon as our flight opened for check-in (24 hours before flight) I logged in and checked us in. Luckily for both flights we were all seated together. Frontier does try to keep parties together but there is no guarantee.

The flight itself was fine, although we did encounter a lot of turbulence. The flight attendants and pilot kept everyone informed and I felt safe during the flight.

On our return flight we had another short delay (45 minutes). The biggest issue we had was the lack of communication between what was on the boards at the airport and what we were being texted. Again I think this has more to do with staffing issues as a whole for the airline industry.

May 2022: I had an opportunity to fly Frontier Airlines again for a trip back from Orlando. This flight was delayed 2 hours. I was very frustrated to have to deal with another delay, especially when surrounding airlines were not having delays. This was not due to weather.

It was also the bumpiest flight I have ever been on. Again this could not be blamed on Frontier but still made my flying experience stressful. When I returned home I did receive a $25.00 flight voucher for a future flight. I didn’t complain during my travels so I do not know if this was due to the rough flight or the delay.

Would I Fly Frontier Again

The most popular question I get is would I fly Frontier again. The honest answer is I am not sure. The cost savings is great but the risk of delays can derail the costs quickly if you have a cancelled flight.

I have heard people have great experiences but because both of mine were delayed and the bumpy flight, I am not sure I am willing to fly again with Frontier. This is not to say that I would never, I would just try to fly a different airline when I can.

If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive flight you can find some great deals with Frontier. For long flights I would probably stick with a different airline because of the free access to WiFi but for a quick non-stop flight Frontier can save you a lot of money.

The pros and cons of flying Frontier will weigh differently depending on your situation and family. I hope this review of flying with Frontier helps you decide the best option for your family.

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