52 Quality Family Time Ideas to Start this Weekend

With all of today’s distractions, it is so important to prioritize quality family time. Today we are sharing our favorite and fun family time ideas to help you reconnect as a family this weekend.

We are in need of some serious quality family time lately. When we are travelling we always have a great time and it feels so good to be connected. Sadly we can’t travel year round. I needed to brainstorm family time activities we could do year round.

With school and work we end up getting into a routine and life becomes busy. Our weekends are full of chores and obligations. Unless we plan something, we end up sitting around doing house chores or playing on electronics.  

The idea of doing new things and discovering new things is good for us as a family but it is also good for me.  I feel like it is easy to get into a family rut of doing the same thing every weekend.  This is a good way to keep life new and exciting. 

When we lived in Pittsburgh we would get out every weekend and discover something new. Maybe it was the new city or the lack of responsibility but we were always doing something. We were having adventures.

52 quality family time
Life in Pittsburgh.

I like the idea of planning something outside every weekend but I knew that our weather would prevent us from being outside every weekend so I focused on ideas for family activities that would connect us, inside or out.

I wanted to make a list of something we could do every weekend that took minimal planning and made it easy for us to spend quality family time together.

52 Quality Family Time
Exploring one of many parks near our home in Rochester.

Fun Family Time Ideas to Start this Weekend

1.       Discover a new breakfast place.

2.       Watch the sunset.

3.       Walk on the beach.

4.       Take a nature hike.

5.       Walk around your neighborhood and play I Spy.

6.       Visit a National Park.

7.       Have a backyard picnic.

8.       Go see a movie.

9.       Go roller skating.

10.   Go ice skating.

11.   Visit your local library.

12.   Visit your local Science Center.

13.   Plan a Free Day.

14.   Drive to the next town over and discover a new restaurant.

15.   Visit the Zoo.

16.   Visit your local animal shelter and donate old blankets.

17.   Go on vacation.

18.   Visit a new place you have never visited.

19.   Listen to fun music and go for a drive.

20.   Google your city and top ten things to do and schedule them on your calendar.

21.   Plan an overnight in your own town.  Enjoy the pool and act like a tourist.

22.   Surprise out of town relatives with a visit.

23.   Do something you always wanted to do.

24.   Visit your local Children’s museum.

25.   Visit a Public market.

26.   Visit a theme park.

27.   Go see a waterfall.

28.   Paint a picture together.

29.   Go to a waterpark.

30.   Have a water balloon toss.

31.   Discover a new playground.

32.   Play board games.

33.   Plan an afternoon movie day.

34.   Bake cookies.

35.   Attend a sports event.

36.   Go out to eat and try a new cuisine.

37.   Read a book together.

38.   Visit a Historical Site.

39.   Go bowling.

40.   Have friends over for a dinner party.

41.   Participate in a 5k together.

42.   Build your town in Legos.

43.   Dress up and go out to dinner. (or lunch.)

44.   Plan a Mystery Day.

45.   Let the kids pick the activity.

46.   Go apple picking or any fruit/vegetable.

47.   Visit your local track and have your own Olympics.

48.   Make Tie-Dye shirts.

49.   Visit your local Art Museum.

50.   Write and illustrate a story together.

51.   Watch the sunrise.

52.   Go out for ice cream.

I hope you are inspired to get out there.  It may seem odd to schedule in family time but I promise you will not regret it.  It will be an activity that you will look forward and help you and your family connect before the busy week ahead.

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51 thoughts on “52 Quality Family Time Ideas to Start this Weekend”

  1. I love that “visit the library” is on your list!
    This list is great and inspires me to create my own to capture some moments with my teen before she heads off to college.

  2. These are all such great ideas! We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting things to do. I cannot wait until my Son is older (although I cherish every moment I have with him at this age), so we can do a lot more interactive activities!

  3. These are some great ideas. We like going to watch the sunrise at the beach- it’s not only beautiful, but it’s empty so we pretty much have the beach to ourselves (and great parking!) for a few hours. Also, love listening to audio books in the car! Not only do you experience the story together, but the kids are also quiet. Win-Win!

  4. These are all AMAZING ideas!!! It’s so great to have a list of ideas at hand and ready to go! Quality time is so important!

  5. I love this list. Thank you for sharing this. My husband and I work a lot, and we take time to spend with the kids. Although it’s difficult sometimes because of our work schedule, but definitely gonna follow this list.

    • Thanks! We are trying to really make it a priority. The winter months always get us stuck inside so I’m really trying this year.

  6. So many great ideas here! We’re always looking for fun ways to spend time together as a family… I pinned this so that I can refer back to it later. Thanks!

  7. I absolutely love this list! As a mom of 5 on one income + my spouse being military it is difficult for us to travel and when we do it’s usually to see family in varying states. These are really great ideas that we can pull off day to day. Thanks so much for sharing, I will be pinning this for reference! Our very own family bucket list ?

    • Thank you so much!! I am so glad you liked it. I love to travel and wish we could do it full time but the reality is we need to make the time and stuff we can do affordable and fun. I am so happy it inspired you!!


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